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I ran in Vijayawada on Sunday, Sept 22nd. I started at around 5.50 AM and finished a 10K around an hour and 12 minutes later. This wasn’t bad considering the timings of my previous recent, post-athai runs. I had planned the run around sunrise, which was to be at 5.45 AM. I was staying at […]

Traveling and Running

There are 64 days left for the Mumbai Marathon and this year too, I will be running the half-marathon. I am a slow runner and happy If I can finish in just under 3 hours, but irrespective of what time I finally achieve, there is no short-cut to training regularly, which really just means running […]

Mud-Splattered Nirvana

Our relationship with the rains is completely schizoid. While we want it to rain, so that there is enough water throughout the year, we get really stressed and irritated when it rains on our way to work or when we are traveling to keep an appointment, or basically at anytime during the workweek. And yet […]