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Dying in Mumbai – Those Left Behind

After all the formalities are over and the relatives have left and the solitude sets in…that’s when the void hits. It is perhaps worst for the spouse, who bereft as it is, is also suddenly left alone, especially if old, given the nuclear structure of our families. Statistics say that a living spouse quite often […]

When Similarities End…Starting With Cleanliness

The first thing that strikes you when you exit the airport is the bright sunshine without the humidity and the cool breeze without the cold. It feels a bit like Mumbai, but without the clamminess and the perspiration that make the summer months so painful as against the glorious sunshine in Beirut that makes you […]

The Delusion and Entitlement of Self-Important Tribes

This happens often! Journalists rarely carry articles against fellow journalists even though they constantly bitch about each other “off-the-record”. It is rare for a doctor to testify against his colleague in court, though in private he will massacre his reputation. Despite infighting, tribes or guilds tend to take care of their own, often insulated from […]

The ‘Unputdownable’ Lisbeth Salander

Crime thrillers, detective stories and mystery novels rarely have original plots. The basic premise of someone committing a crime and someone trying to solve it, has not changed in centuries. The reason we find some authors and stories more interesting than others is mainly because of the way in which the words are handled, or […]

Open-Air Haikus

“Simple soft leaves And branches holding them Hey, don’t pluck them” This is a haiku that my 8-year old daughter wrote, with help from her guide (thanks Anita), under a large tree, in one of the “Five Gardens”. When I was 8-years old, I didn