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The Voting Dilemma

Finally the dates are out. On 24th April, all of us in Mumbai should be taking time off and visiting the polling booths to cast our votes. I have written earlier about our “right to not-vote”, but given the NOTA (none of the above) option, it makes sense, to at the least, visit the polling […]

6.0 cr. The New Value of a Life and the Cost of Poor Communication

The Supreme Court day before yesterday, in a medical negligence case, awarded about Rs. 6 crores to the plaintiff, the highest ever in Indian medico-legal history. Eerily, it was just last week that I wrote about the “shidori” lecture I had given to the new 1st MBBS batch in GS Medical where I spoke about […]

The Parents Are Learning to Say…No!

With nothing but budget-related tamasha all over, here is something that might help divert your mind away from this rubbish. Trust me! The budget as a rule is usually completely irrelevant for you and I. Last week, at a Gujju community dinner, I ran into a colleague’s parents.  While catching up with them, I remembered […]

If You Don’t Like, Don’t See It

My morning routine involves a 15-minute read of the front pages of all the English newspapers; rarely is there any item that positively changes my mental outlook for the day. This Thursday though was different. At least two papers carried a news item that had me chuckling throughout the day, keeping me so amused that […]

One Smile is All it Takes

Queues are stressful. Whether they are airport security lines or the lines at the passport office; they are all uniformly distasteful. Here’s what happened two weeks ago. I have to get a passport renewal done. I reach at 9.45AM to see that a large line has already formed, since people have been queuing up from […]