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Coping with Tragedy

On Wednesday, all the front pages carried a story of the murder-suicide of a family of four at Bhakti Park in Wadala. Apparently, there was a dispute regarding the apartment, and the debt-ridden father killed his wife, his two sons and then himsel When I came home that evening, my children pulled me into their […]

Mud-Splattered Nirvana

Our relationship with the rains is completely schizoid. While we want it to rain, so that there is enough water throughout the year, we get really stressed and irritated when it rains on our way to work or when we are traveling to keep an appointment, or basically at anytime during the workweek. And yet […]

Lunch – The Most Important Period in School

“Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper”, is a popular saying in the Western World. In India, it should read, “breakfast like a prince, lunch like an emperor and dinner like a king”. Our obsession with lunch manifests itself in many ways, one being the Six-Sigma acknowledged “dabba” system, […]

The “Penguin Law” Holds

Here’s a new one for the school rule-book: “If you want parents during the Annual School production to stay till the very end and not leave once their child’s part is done, you must put on a musical with penguins and make sure that each child wears a penguin mask”. Each year, a gaggle of […]