The Voting Dilemma

Finally the dates are out. On 24th April, all of us in Mumbai should be taking time off and visiting the polling booths to cast our votes. I have written earlier about our “right to not-vote”, but given the NOTA (none of the above) option, it makes sense, to at the least, visit the polling […]

The Value of Credibility in a Conflicted World

The most accurate of scientific facts, the best done research in the world and the most legitimate of movements can be instantly discredited if the people involved are seen to have conflicts of interest and credibility issues. A couple of years ago, STS called me for advice. People in his building and neighborhood led by […]

The God Conceit

Last week, Jai Arjun Singh, in his terrific blog Jabberwock, described the current television version of Krishna in the new Mahabharata, as a “smug, forever-in-control avatar, constantly manipulating events towards the Greater Good”. The Krishna character’s conceited smile gets under my skin too, often making me want to just shake him hard to get that […]

Kabira in Matunga

Thursday night, while “Tum Hi Ho” was being belted out, I shot a short video and posted it on our college WhatsApp group. One friend wrote back asking, “Who is he?” I then forwarded the same video to another school-friends group to have yet another friend pose the same question. Guys come on! We need […]

The This and That of Air Travel

Much has changed in the two years since I last wrote about this. What hasn’t changed though is our expectation as travellers; seamless online ticketing, pain-free web checkin, fast movement of lines at the airport desks, quick, efficient and polite security checks and easy entry into and exit from the airports. And so, a few […]

Happy Birthday Wishes

A funny thing happened recently. I celebrated my 49th birthday earlier this week. Last weekend, while scanning Facebook, Bijal casually wondered why my friends had already started wishing me. I logged in and found a bunch of Happy Birthday messages on my FB Wall. Apparently, one friend had decided to wish me in advance and […]

The Good Samaritan Problem

The lady asked, “What is your full name?” I said, “Bhavin Jankharia.” “Please tell me your maiden name.” That’s when I blew and told the lady on the phone that I wanted to withdraw my donation to her charity, ABC. To rewind! A month ago, KS rang the bell on a Sunday evening. I opened […]

A WhatsApp Reunion

Some of you may remember the piece I wrote in October about WhatsApp being an out of control monster because of the jokesters who flood the app. Just like Mr. Kejriwal and his cohorts, who are now more entertaining than any other reality show on television, I am amazed at my complete U-turn on this. […]

Traffic Jams

Before you roll your eyes and say, “Not again. Not one more article about cars and traffic jams and law breaking motor cyclists and bad roads and potholes” …this is not about vehicular traffic jams. There are 8 days left for SCMM’s 11th edition…before some of you non-runners roll your eyes and say “Not again. […]


Retro music can mean different things to different people. For some, it is the rock of Led Zep and perhaps Rolling Stones, for others, the pop of Abba and Boney M and for still others, the jazz from that time. During parties and on the dance floor however, retro specifically refers to the dance songs […]