LOL???….Ha! ROFL!!

Within two hours of my joining Facebook, my 20-something nephew wrote on my wall.
N: “really din expect u here mamu…welcome…”
I retorted : “Why? Is this a hangout for only 20-somethings?”
N came back with: “oh no not at all…rather i wud say u can fake ur age here n enjoy ur freetime…dreams are definitely better than reality…”
I: “But why would I want to do that! The 40s are the best times to be in.”
N wittily (my niece actually thought he was wittier): “that means the past 4 decades werent (lol means laugh out loud)…”
What piqued me at this stage was the fact that my nephew seriously thought he had to explain what “lol” meant to a 40-something like me. This was the instinctive, automatic reaction of a 20-something believing that today’s 40-somethings don’t really get it!

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