The “Chubbies” of Club Mahindra

We are not Club Mahindra members, but this year when we thought of a short holiday in Munnar, this was the only property everyone said we must visit. It is also among the few Club Mahindra properties that has hotel rooms given out to non-members and we managed to get a booking.

The property is very nice and the view from our room was excellent. The staff is cordial, though it could do with some more training and the food was better than average.

So? The problem?

The crowd! Since Club Mahindra is completely family oriented, it caters to middle and upper middle class Indian families traveling with children, parents, friends, cousins, grand-parents…everything is sanitized to cater to this class…to which we belong as well. A thoroughly boring crowd that I can just about handle in small micro-doses.

But that is not the point of this piece! The focus is the “chubbies”.

We went on a trek to a lake called Seethadevi in a group that consisted of two other families. When we were resting at a waterfall, one teenager called out to his father asking him to pull down his T-shirt that had ridden up and uncovered his pot-belly and hairy belly-button…which the embarrassed father hurriedly did!

The people who frequent Club Mahindra belong to a specific subset of the population…the health problems of this subset are also clearly apparent when you see them in the lobby or the recreation centre or the restaurant.

A good percentage of men above the age of 30 look distinctly unhealthy. And it is easy to spot them. Excluding those who are naturally large built, these are men who have over the years let themselves go and now have medium to large-sized pot-bellies stretching and often raising the T-shirts they wear and exposing their none-to-lovely belly buttons and the accompanying love-handles. All of this is obviously due to overeating (too much food), wrong eating (excess carbs and processed food), lack of exercise, too much alcohol (the food that goes with the alcohol) or perhaps too much stress…in different combinations.

I used to be one of them until I took control of my life.

These guys need to do the same, or else will eventually land up with some combination of hypertension, diabetes, coronary artery disease and will die earlier than those who don’t have these tyres…a bright and young but idiotic researcher might actually conclude in a study that people who go to Club Mahindra resorts die early. Clearly, it is not Club Mahindra’s fault. It is the people it caters to, who as a rule are unhealthy, because they come from a prosperous subset of our population that just can’t seem to take care of itself. It does not mean that if you are a Club Mahindra member, you are unhealthy. But those who are prosperously unhealthy are the ones likely to be members of Club Mahindra.

Maybe Club Mahindra should have a doctor in each property advising its guests about healthy lifestyles. Or then maybe not…when on vacation, who wants to hear about healthy eating and exercise! And yet, this is something to think about, isn’t it?


  • Abhijit wrote:

    Sir… if i may ask… why are you so critical about everything ?
    Has anything ever pleased you ??

  • Bhavin Jankharia wrote:

    Lots of things Abhijit. Will write about them and have written about them as well.

  • JAYESH Desai wrote:

    Your observation is spot on. But then everyday when I drive and see our policemen and women whether traffic branch or regular majority of them except rookies have pot belly. All the open spaces (few that are available to all) are crowded. I practice in lower & middle income area. Even here there is huge increase in people with central obesity. Male and female equally have this. This transition from scarcity to abundence will take very heavy tall as it is coupled with transition from common sense to nonsense, From questioning scientific attitude to servile, blind religious unquestioning obedience that leads to ignorance in population.
    So club or no club unhealthyness is prevalent everywhere.

  • Bhavin Jankharia wrote:

    That is so true Jayesh

  • Minal Bhatia wrote:

    I like the satire in your articles but even then the recent ones don’t match to your very early ones.
    Especially the curd fermentation pice was awesome!
    I also do not know why but your writings remind me of a certain R.K.Laxman.

    Keep it up but please do innovate!!

  • Bhavin Jankharia wrote:

    Thanks Minal for the kind words.

  • Mehroo Kharegat wrote:

    Factual and your observations amusing. However admire your guts for putting it in writing. I am afraid you may lose a few of your friends!

  • Bhavin Jankharia wrote:

    The good part of being over 50 Mehroo, is that you stop caring so much of what others think.

  • Suresh Manjrekar wrote:

    Every society will have such unfit & fit people. Its more of an individual thing. There is nothing like preventive care with most nouveau rich Indians. We only respond once some major illness hits us.
    But why Club Mahindra, you’ll find such guys at every holiday location. Nonetheless a good topic. After all, if you have good health, you have everything!

  • Bhavin Jankharia wrote:

    That is true Suresh. Everywhere.

  • M R Sundaram wrote:

    Excercise needs no ‘huge open space’, but space within yourself building that will to excercise! Again it need not be a fixed routine but a way of life- like a bit more of walk, bit more of stair climbing and lift avoidance to mention a few>! 🙂 Do I sound cynical? I better stop here:)

  • Bhavin Jankharia wrote:

    Why cynical. It is required.

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  • Shalini wrote:

    Your observations and concerns are absolutely correct. Healthy attitudes, lifestyles & corrective measures are the need of the hour. Thanks Bhavin, for highlighting this. Health is indeed wealth !

  • P. Vennkatraman wrote:

    You observed it a Club Mahindra, because you had probably time on your hands. The member of my club in Mumbai ( in the health club ) also fit this description of chubbies. In fact I often remark that being a member of the gym is even more harmful since they think that they are now insulated from harm and thus overinduge.

    Running is the only exercise that brings the imperative to lose weight into sharp focus

  • Bhavin Jankharia wrote:

    Running is good, but it has to come with eating right. I have friends who don’t exercise, but are still trim and reasonably fit, just because they eat right.

  • Pushpendra Shah wrote:

    Club Mahindra does not have HEALTH FARMS – ?

  • Bhavin Jankharia wrote:

    Not that I know off. Health farms are only popular with Indians from abroad, though.

  • Jayaram, M wrote:

    Right on – however; relation between such clubs n’ people who can afford them n’ “knowledge” ? – do keep writing; however – like your honesty which is fast disappearing – if not disappeared together – Kejriwal style ?

  • Bhavin Jankharia wrote:

    Don’t quite understand Jayaram? My disappearing honesty?

  • Milind Dhamankar wrote:

    Relevant topic that has a significant socioeconomic impact. It is not uncommon to attend reunions to learn about tragic losses. This discussion needs to be taken to the next level by providing relevant context and content on the causes and possible options.
    As Bhavin said; varying combinations of factors – food, exercise, and stress play a critical role. The fundamentals of proteins, good and bad cards, role of oils and fat, liver toxins, colon health, and hydration need to be understood to make better choices. Need this as part of basic education. Many westerners learn from vegetarianism and Ayurveda to help support cleansing and benefit from it.

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