Much Ado Over Khakhras

This appeared in today’s Mumbai Mirror.
Last month, I had to travel to a Middle-Eastern country for two days. I called a friend of mine who lives there to tell him that I was coming and we fixed up to meet for lunch, the day after my arrival. I then asked him if he wanted anything. He hesitated for a moment and then said


  • Shareecomment wrote:

    Well I just happened to browse this wonderful site and amazingly the articles are so matter of fact true to the core of its content.
    I also happen to reside close to matunga and was inquisitive to know more about the catchy man from matunga.
    Loved reading the articles and also happy to be a member of the same.
    Great Job done and now surely Matunga will and is known to the less so called educated fools who think that just their abode is the place to be in-hahaha!
    It’s like the good old adage-Ignorance Is Bliss.

  • Shareecomment wrote:

    This rings a bell- Once at a social gathering in the upbeat South Mumbai circle.
    I found it very amusing at the ignorance and arrogance of the folks who ventured to ask me out of so called social ehics where I resided??
    And the quizzical look I received and the qts asked as to where?? is this place.I know only Bandra…….
    How come we have not heard of this place.
    These qts put me off beat to think??? how limited their knowledge was of Mumbai.
    Thanks to the Imax and ADlabs that have sprung up,the residential towers that have made a mark and aslo the sad plight of the wadala floods that now this place has become a flash memory -thanks to the media coverage also that now people do know where Wadala is realy located???

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