Opingo Batingo

This appeared in today’s Mumbai Mirror.
A couple of weeks ago, we went to the 10th wedding anniversary of a close school friend. While mingling with some other friends who were there, I suddenly had the wind blown out of me by a big thump on my back. I turned around and found another old school friend, with his index finger raised, mouthing the word


  • Naah not a Matunga thing.. I had this when i was in school, only it was called Hops and bats. When you’re standing, you hit the other person(only whom you have sealed a pact with to play this game) and show the index finger yelling ‘Hops’! Same for sitting,only you show a ‘V’ sign yelling ‘Bats’. Quite silly, but hey what the hell..

  • I met this friend of mine again a few days after I wrote it and I was able to hit him, before he hit me.

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