The Best and The Worst of 2013

In the style of someone who continues to be an inspiration!

Like, two weeks ago, I thought the AAP and Mr. Kejriwal had the potential to usher in a nationwide revolution. But with Mr. Kejriwal having accepted the position of Delhi Chief Minister, I think the national momentum is pretty much done, at least in the near to the medium term. Like, he will be so bogged down with his work in Delhi he will have no bandwidth left to replicate his success in other parts of the country. One solution perhaps could have been to make someone else Chief Minister and to then hit the road and take AAP national. The Biggest Missed Opportunity of 2013!

Like, when we talk about superstition, we seem to focus only on crossing black cats and tantric beheadings. But blaming a nearby cellphone tower for one’s cancer, given that most of the times, these mutations are truly random, is also a form of unscientific stupidity. Like, despite the lack of any kind of data, a few activists and one national newspaper, representing the growing tribe of the educated a-literate, have clambered onto this soft-target “social-cause” bandwagon, and managed to hold an entire industry hostage, along with, surprisingly, the normally recalcitrant “babus” and ministers. The Biggest HogWash of 2013!

Like all the 3 versions of the “Raabta” song from Agent Vinod, though released in early 2012, and pretty much under the radar for most of that year, continue to gain in popularity, head-to-head with “Tum Hi Ho” from Aashiqui 2. There is no reality show or “sangeet” that does not have couples performing “lovey-dovey” dances on these numbers, which though seemingly deceptively simple, are amazingly well composed and phenomenally sung. The Best Two Songs of 2013!

Like someone’s most popular piece need not be his best in his perception. The one-time I wrote about being addressed as “uncle” and that too by a 70-years old, blind, decrepit lady, led to an influx of comments and feedback that I haven’t received for any other article this year. Just goes to show that the issues that affect all of us on a day-to-day basis are always the small personal ones…the rest are all at the periphery, best engaged with from the comfort of our offices or homes via a brightly-lit screen, mouse or handheld device. Uncle! My Most Popular Piece of 2013!

Like Mumbai in December gets more and more hectic each year as it gets colder, as if each degree drop in temperature adds two more events to the social calendar. Weddings, visiting friends, Christmas Eve and New Years’ Eve events and other miscellaneous birthday and anniversary parties ensure that more than half our mornings are spent trying to crawl back into some semblance of alertness from the vodka-imbued fuzz of the previous night. December. The Most Happening Month Each Year!

Like one of the best word-combination I have heard this year is “beige-caramel”. Plain and uninteresting “beige” as against “caramel”, worth lusting and dying for…this combination is a great way to address the “fair-dark” issue that continues to plague our country, and which fairness cream companies have successfully, unfairly capitalized on.  The Best New Word-Pair of 2013!

Like India is changing in more ways than one. While the young keep challenging social mores, women over the age of 40 are taking care of themselves like never before. Those in their 50s look 30 and those in their 40s come across as elder sisters of their daughters. The Over-40s Mumbai Women! The Hottest Women of 2013!

Wish you all a terrific 2014. 


  • P. Venkatraman wrote:

    Liked best about women above 40. My wife gets taken for my daughter-in-law 🙂

  • Yes indeed, The seeds of anti corruption were sown by the veteran Hazare and carried forward by Mr Kejriwal.This could well be the revolution in Indian democracy.

    Women in the 40s deserve kudos for what they have achieved and I admire the SINGLE Woman with guts.

  • Women are not safe in today”s changing scenario.Ageing is natural.As such women trying to become/look younger is non sense.
    Each year passes with events which are forgotten over till new events take place in the current year.

  • Prakash Nanavati wrote:

    Liked your remembering of Busy-Bee!

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