Man Gifts

Two days ago, a friend, a compulsive gifter, was lamenting the lack of options when it comes to buying gifts for men, whether husbands, relatives or just other male friends. Which is just so untrue! Considering that the Year-end is a good time to receive and give gifts, here is a list of stuff we men would love to get from you women…leaving out obvious, unimaginative items like iPhones, iPads and laptops.

1. Coffee

If your man is an espresso drinker and has an espresso machine, buy him fresh roasted coffee from Blue Tokai. Matt Chitharanjan has a wide range of single estate and blended coffees that smell and taste wonderful and can all be ordered online. Rs. 250-1200.

2. The Mini Jambox

This is a sexy, wireless, bluetooth speaker that packs a punch, fills a room and despite its slim size, has decent battery life. Rs. 1200. 

3. 8000mAH Battery

I have a Japanese ProMini. It charges an iPhone from 20% to 100% thrice over, which is a boon when you are on the road, without access to an electric socket. Rs. 6,000.

4. Hermes Ties

There are ties and there are ties. And then there are Hermes ties. If you have to get your man a tie, forget the cheap Satya Paul ones. Go the whole hog and get something he will remember you for, for the rest of his life. Rs.12,000 plus.

5. Laphroaig Malt

If he is a single malt lover, splurge on an expensive, peaty, smokey one like Laphroaig or Lagavulin, especially one of the slightly older, less common variants that can then be quaffed on Dec 31st to usher in a happy-happy New Year. Rs.18,000 plus.

6. Bose In-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones

When traveling, I love to shut myself off and catch up on TV shows and movies. The standard noise cancelling headphones are just too bulky, especially for day travel, when all you want to carry is a small sling or clutch. The new Bose QuietComfort 20i headphones do away with those bulky headpieces and come with just in-ear plugs…that actually work. And all this fits into a small pouch that takes up virtually no space. Rs. 23,000.

7. Tumi Messenger (Verona)

For daily use and for single day trips, a good stylish messenger bag with enough compartments never hurts. This one has separate pouches for a laptop, iPAD, chargers and other travel essentials like items 4 and 6…and looks good. Rs. 23,000.

8. Hard Leather-Soled Lace-Up Shoes

Like ties, there are shoes and there are shoes. Good shoes are not cheap. You can choose among brands like Church, Ferragamo or Bally, but they have to be hard leather-soled, preferably lace-ups and not the stupid rubber-soled rubbish we get locally. Rs. 40,000 plus.

9. Canali Nehru Jackets

Canali is perhaps the first Italian men-only fashion house to create a line for Indian men. Their awesome jackets get sold out the moment they hit the store. Rs. 1L plus.

10. 3D Printer

This will make your man purr like a kitten. Get the Makerbot Replicator 2 or The Cube and see him 3D print all kinds of accessories for you. Rs. 1.5L plus.

11. You

For all the wives, fiancés and girlfriends! Just like Penny did in the Big Bang episode last week…if you are strapped for cash, or even otherwise, nothing beats gifting yourself, gift-wrapped…or unwrapped. And “you” would be better than all the other ten…combined! And…priceless!


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