Of the idli ilk

This is my new piece that came in today’s Mumbai Mirror.
After having been around for 40 odd years, you often start believing that you


  • Manish wrote:

    Talking of Anand Bhavan, I swear by the coffee there. Our office was close by (Same building as Mani’s now is on Telang Road) and we used to relish the coffee of AB. Friday when AB was closed we used to call it dry day. Besides the coffee, try their Mulga podi…. My niece in the US only expects that and atleast a kilo at one go. Try the Mysore Masala Dosa at Air Conditioned Udipi close by. As my American cousin would vouch for, the toast sandwich there is divine too. Upma at AB is awesome though sometimes we do tend to go to Sharada Bhuvan also near the station. Spring Dosa at Shri Sundar used to be a rage but haven’t been there in years. Mani’s at Ruia is far far better than the one on Telang Road.
    I too am a proud Matungaite studied in DPYA, Ruia and VJTI. Had the office there too but space constraints moved us to Mahim where believe me you can’t find a decent Idli joint near by. Now have to depend on the dabba from home only and no more snacks except for the biscuits once in a while.
    Manish Kamdar

  • I agree Anand Bhavan is best, but no one can beat Ram Ashraya and Mani’s

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