Tull they come

This was published in today’s Mumbai Mirror.
A few weeks ago, a senior colleague who lives in South Mumbai, walked into my office and mentioned how he enjoyed reading about Matunga. He then asked me why I did not write about the culture in Matunga, about the dance recitals and classical music concerts, etc. that are held in Mysore Sabha and Shanmukhananda Halls. His main contact with Matunga, was not the Udipi restaurants, as is usual, but these auditoria. I was nonplussed.
Never having learnt the fine art of fine arts appreciation, I am a little lost when people talk of Carnatic music or Hindustani classical or this or that gharana or arangetrams, etc.
To me, a music concert, until recently meant going to Rang Bhavan and listening to whichever act deigned to perform in our city or the Jazz Yatra every other year. Unfortunately, due to the High Court ruling on sound pollution, Rang Bhavan has met an untimely (hopefully temporary) death and the thought of going to the Andheri Sports Ground and other similar venues has stifled all further concert attendances.
Though some acts have started playing in closed halls, they don

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