The Bollywood Walk of Fame

This article appeared in today’s Mumbai Mirror.
A few days ago, a friend of mine was telling me about his brother-in-law who was cribbing about the high rates in a new building in one of the back roads of Matunga. Apart from the fact that new buildings in this area do command a premium, this particular lane commands an even higher premium for a variety of reasons, one of which is its history.
Way before the Kapoors moved to Anita


  • ANand Ramachandran wrote:

    My late dad (also from Matunga, so is my mom, both SIES and brahmanwada tam-brahms),was a great fan of KN Singh: he of the frog-eyed horror. He would point him out in old RK movies (I must say I found him more funny than villainous). So about 1990 (in college), whilst we were passing that road to Five Gardens, we actually rang the bell at a ground-floor, small flat, and – lo and behold, the Grand Old Man opens the door. To not sound over-awed, we asked him for some directions (as if we rang the bell by mistake) and also a glass of water. And then, he answered ‘YES, I AM KN Singh’. The boom in his voice left us college kids stunned. What strikes me even today is that he seemed to live alone, dignified and unassuming. May his soul RIP.

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