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This was published in today’s Mumbai Mirror.

Quiz Question: In which part of Mumbai, do you get four major institutions, meeting at one crossroad? Answer: Matunga.
Don Bosco, Khalsa College, VJTI and UDCT, all meet at a cross-road, which would deserve its own two-page spread, in any coffee-table book on famous cross-roads in India.
Before I proceed, its high time I added one more term to our vocabulary.


  • Your writings on Matunga take me back to my Matunga days when I was a student at Khalsa. In those days we used to have students from other Colleges to attend Prof.Waryam Singh’s lectures on ‘Maths’and Prof. Angelo Moses on Logic. Former Hockey Olympian Balbir Singh is a Khalsa product and S.S.Narayan, the Olympian Football goal keeper, is from Indian Gymkhana neighbourhood.
    The contribution of SSC to IIT, VJTI and Medical colleges in Mumbai is much larger than ICSCs.
    If you choose you can read my article ‘Matunga – the Malgudi in Mumbai’ at my Bhog htpp://

  • K.Vaidyanathan wrote:

    Dear Friend,
    I saw your reply of oct 11 th 2005 only today i.e 26th Jan 2006 and got myelf transported to my college days at Khalsa. I was a student of Khalsa college from 1961-1963, when I passed my I.Sc in 1963 and joined VJTI. I remember all my college professers like Profs.Bo,Khade,Narsapu(Chemisty);
    Profs.Bhupinder Singh,Nagshankar who was
    transfered,of course acting Pricipal Waryam Singh;Profs. Mistry,Pandhare,Dr Karve for Physics, English Professor Dr Mrs Patwardhan,Dr Worki Zoology etc apart from Dr Angelo Moses,Prof. Pinto etc.Your letter triggered off my memory about my Khalse college days like our long strike in 1963 for 60 days due to Our Pricicipal Niranjan Singh being tranfered to Amritsar and we have to join Aggarwal classes to make up,our Annual program which was the best in Mumbai when famous orchestra cum Electric Guitarist Hazara Singh use to play Come September tune, dancer Kumudini’s rauchy/naughty dance etc.oh!! it is wonderful to remember those lovely days at Khalsa ;there was a music circle called Jhankar Circle where everuy Punjhabi tried to sing etc . On our annual day in 1963 a girl sang Tera Mera Pyar Amar song of Actress Sadhana from Dev Anand’s Asli Nakli which I even I recollect today.
    K.Vaidyanathan. B.E( E), B.E(M), DORM,PGDMM
    I was part of Madrasi gang of 5 from Wadala

  • Friends.
    I too graduated with a B.Sc in Physics/Chemistry from KHalsa College. (1959) Wonderful Physics notes from Mr. Ghanti, Karve and of course Organic Chemistry from Mr. Bo and Math from Daljit Sing, always impecably dressed and of course Dr. Waryam Sing Sethi. I am writng this almost 46 yrs later I used to frequent the Irani restaurant acroos from us. Those are cherished memories that I will never forget. Samosas were so good. Best Wishes

    Prakash Doraiswamy, Ph.D, PC.

    Plymouth Mi, USA
    Independent Consultant

  • Oh. Wrong year, I graduated in 1963. I forgot to mention Mr. Narsapur and Mr. Rawtani whose classes we used to “bunk” occasionally, The role call was hillarious.

    Prakash Doraiswamy

  • Prakash D wrote:


    I have always had a desire to re visit Khalsa College whenever I come to India.
    I am planning a visit in Jan-Feb 2016. If anyone one from batch 1963 is available for a meet, please email me. Even Nayana Ingle
    Thanks Best Wishes

    Prakash Doraiswamy

  • J.R.Taneja wrote:

    Dear Prakash
    I am sure you remember me (Taneja). Please communicate on my mail ID: so that we can remain in touch. I live in chennai.

    Regards: J.R. TANEJA
    ( graduated from Khalsa in1963 )

  • Babulal SINGHANIA wrote:

    I was in Khalsa college in1963 FY jr college. I am great admirer of prof waryam singh. He was fond of Mathes
    Trick in addition to syllabus. He taught us to find cube root
    Of numbers. I practice the same for next 40 years so that
    I can remember , but now I forgot. He use to take. Student class at maitnee show at ARora cinema. Prof mistry use
    To take physics lecture. He drew vernier calliper on black board, with so perfection, that one can actually take reading. I was bad in chemistry. Thanks to prof Rawtani
    Who taught us physical chemistry. He was superb in his job. I got 30 out of 30 , and manage passing marks in
    I can never forget khalsa college contribution in my life.

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