Sex, Lies, Bets and Videotapes…All About Greed

There is an interesting article published earlier this week in The New York Times, an op-ed piece by columnist David Brooks titled “What the Words Tell Us”, where he analyses the shift in the usage of words over the last century and tries to understand what this implies with respect to social behavior. He writes, “Over the past half-century, society has become more individualistic. As it has become more individualistic, it has also become less morally aware, because social and moral fabrics are inextricably linked. The atomization and demoralization of society have led to certain forms of social breakdown…”

We can see moral values across the world deteriorating with each passing year. Increasing individualism and a singular focus on the self, cause people to think only about themselves and not of the society at large, this increasing narcissism fostering greed…of all kinds!



Beyond a certain level in the corporate world, people truly believe they are God’s gift to mankind. Which is perhaps why Mr. Phaneesh Murthy couldn’t keep it inside his pants. And while most people’s sexual dalliances don’t become public fodder, he has turned out to be twice unlucky. Which is what happens when you become greedy.



When someone promises a 24-36% return on investment, he is obviously smoking weed. I am happy if I see a 12% yearly return and if this happens to be post-tax, that’s cherry on top. And yet, year after year, whether it is the Saradha group or other similar companies that start pyramid schemes, people in their greed fall prey to promises of quick returns. The first few probably get their money back while the rest are then left holding lemons. The liars are clearly greedy wanting to make a fast buck by exploiting others…but those who get conned are equally at fault…and equally greedy.



People gamble all the time. It may be the addiction, the adrenaline, or the greed of wanting to make quick money with the least effort.

Currently, the IPL betting and spot-fixing scandal has all of us riveted, especially since it is so well played out. Even the police and those involved in finding the truth make sure that there is just one new story that comes out everyday, so that it makes the front page of the newspapers and keeps the news-channels busy and holds our attention.

The show is better than any soap currently on television and feeds our greed as voyeurs wanting to know all the gory details day after day about those who were greedy…and stupid enough to get caught.



Those following the Cobrapost exposures will have seen how easy it is to manipulate banks and financial institutions especially if you want to bring unaccounted money into the system. It is as if the entire system is greedy, wanting to make money for itself, by helping other greedy people find avenues to manage their concealed income, whatever its source may be.


And it goes on. It is greed that makes a pharmaceutical company churn out substandard and adulterated generic drugs and fool the regulatory authorities consistently. The same greed makes building owners cut corners leading to a collapse, killing over a 1000 sweat-shop workers. And the same greed makes builders build extra floors when the FSI does not exist.

All of this, bit by bit, tears away at the fabric that holds our society together. With each passing year, this rent only keeps growing bigger…one day it will become impossible to stitch it back and then we will have nothing but anarchy!


  • P. Venkatraman wrote:

    Excellent post…well captures all the different issues and pieces them together well

  • H.L. Chulani wrote:

    Greed in any form is simply a personal lack of gratitude to society.

  • jamna varadhachary wrote:

    Greed and cheating gullibility has always existed. Now it is being caught on camera or what have you.
    Yes, people have become more “me” The disease of keeping up or surpassing the Jones is more prevelant which causes all this.

  • Chandrashekar wrote:

    You are spot on. Even the layman is greedy for more exposures in the spot fixing scam.

    As for Mr. Phaneesh Murthy, he may become third time lucky.

  • Satish Rao wrote:

    Great Article well presented

  • IPL may be the best club of crooks and bookies. Now every one is jumping the band wagon to criticize rather than find ways to curb the ways and means to plug the loop hole and ensure all the criminals are punished. We are all ensuring the criminals escape the clutches of the law and the law implementer s are also held responsible for all the lapses so that it does not repeat at all. In India we have all the laws but no implementation at all. All implementer always get away without responsibilities.

  • Avdhoot Jyotsy wrote:

    Corruption has become omni potent, where will things go is everyone’s guess.What will happen to society, where is the way out to get rid of this situation. Can anybody guide us what to do to save common man from all these disastrous happenings? What will be the future of mankind? Is there way out to get read of money which is measure, medium, standard, store quality item. Should we go for barter system which has its own drawbacks?

  • sriganesh wrote:

    Excellent post.

  • Shubhojit wrote:

    Fantastic writing Bhavin ….really impressive.

  • Armaity wrote:

    Quote:He writes, “Over the past half-century, soci­ety has become more indi­vid­u­al­is­tic. As it has become more indi­vid­u­al­is­tic, it has also become less morally aware, because social and moral fab­rics are inex­tri­ca­bly linked. The atom­iza­tion and demor­al­iza­tion of soci­ety have led to cer­tain forms of social breakdown…”unquote
    David Brook has painted the picture in Black and White! People’s morale are going down and down. Discipline, moral values are deemed old fashioned and those following it are ridiculed! Respect factor is also ridiculed at home, school, office, and in social gatherings! Greed and bad manners surfaces in social gatherings especially where food is served! Humans turn animals and push and grab at food like they had just come from a draught area! Old and feeble people are pushed around, and who cares for the little children if they get sandwiched in the queue of hungry, ferocious humans (or animals)?The reason Japan is progressing because of “respect for elders and their country!, respect for their work place where they work honestly and diligently!) These same values, we Indians had once but now thrown to the winds as Money is being worshiped and not God! Shabash India!

  • Jayesh Desai wrote:

    Actually it is amazing that anarchy has not erupted so far. But you see the signs everywhere. People getting killed in road rage incidences, depraved minds committing senseless but horrific crimes like rapes and mutilation, the blurring lines between criminals and policemen, sex maniacs and so Called God-man, protectors and plunderers. Healers who cause more grief then healing. The list goes on and on.
    The naxal killing in chhattisgarh and today’s news of killing in petty parking fight demonstrate that we are not far from anarchy.

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