Post-Credit Geeks…in Mumbai

Last Sunday, we watched Iron Man 3 at the Adlabs in Wadala. When the film ended and the credits started rolling, my wife got up. I held her down saying I wanted to catch the post-credit scene. She didn’t know what I was talking about, but waited anyway…and my excited son and I explained to her what the wait was for. So we waited and waited, while the white on black credits rolled on with hundreds and thousands of names of anyone who had anything to do with the film. My wife was convinced there would be no scene…the credits were continuing for far too long. I got up to survey the situation. There were at least another 12-15 people waiting. I told her to be patient. The cleaners came in and started removing popcorn and other debris from around us, but made no attempt to ask us to leave. The boys waiting at the exit to collect our 3D-glasses were also in no hurry.

It took about 10 odd minutes, but finally the credits ended…and the post-credit scene did appear…for about 30 seconds. We then all walked out.

I first chanced upon a post-credit scene during a DVD viewing of “Captain America”, when I forwarded the credits by mistake instead of pressing the stop button. The scene shows a bewildered Captain running out onto Times Square in New York, accosted by Nick Fury, who then explains to him that he has just woken up from a 70-years long sleep.

By the time “The Avengers” hit town, we knew the game, and we patiently waited and caught the post-credit scene. The ones we had missed (Iron Man I, II, Thor and Hulk), we checked out on YouTube.

Roger Ebert calls these scenes a “Monk’s Reward”, because it takes a monk-like devotion to wait till all the credits are over for one short scene.

Who but a serious geek would do this! But people do wait and the body language of the cleaners and the 3D glass-collector boys implied that they were used to people like us.

My wife and I, after each episode of “The Big Bang Theory” (BBT), wait for Chuck Lorre’s vanity card that shows up for a second, at the end of the credits. They are sometimes funny, sometimes silly, but always worth a read. I chanced upon their existence when I failed to forward the credits once and found myself staring at a white card with a number and some writing. We haven’t missed any since.

BBT attracts a special kind of geek. Almost all the issues (e.g. Star Wars versus Star Trek) discussed in BBT are projections of the nerdy/geeky brains of Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady. A true geek is one who can discuss the differences between Star Wars and Star Trek for hours on end, hold forth on the post-modernist feminism of a girl like Buffy chasing monsters rather than the other way around, has seen every episode of Firefly including the film Serenity and continues to watch a Star Wars film in the auditorium while his pregnant wife sits outside because she does not want the noise of the gunfire to upset the baby growing inside her.

Growing up, it was difficult to find like-minded people to share all this with…and I was lucky to find them.  Today it is mainstream to be geeky (thanks to Harry Potter and the Twilight series)…and it helps to have kids who are turning out to be just like you!

These days though it’s all about Danerys Targaryen and her dragons kicking ass!


  • H.L. Chulani wrote:

    No comments yet Bhavin! Where are the geeks? :-))

  • H.L. Chulani wrote:


  • Jay Javeri wrote:

    Another fun read! 🙂
    BBT is brilliant & heaven for us geeks. But wait, Star Trek? What’s that now? Sorry, it’s all about the Galaxy, Far Far Away!

    Chuck Lorre’s vanity card is also something I’ve paused & seen since years! Am so glad to see I’m not the only one! I remember they used to be there even for Dharma & Greg, & Two And A Half Men!

    On another note, I always stay till the end credits, not only for these ‘easter eggs’, but for the music credits (which are always right at the end!)

  • Umang wrote:

    Thinking this might be the last Iron Man movie, I left the cinema hall. 🙁
    Found out on the web that there actually was a credits scene that had Mark Ruffalo in it. Though what the scene had was already leaked, I feel bad that I missed it. Caught it on YouTube the very next day.

  • Armaity Surendra Patel wrote:

    This is the first time I am hearing about the geeks! Next time I will wait and watch.

  • Armaity Surendra Patel wrote:

    This is the first time I am hearing about the geeks! Next time I will wait and watch.

  • Norman wrote:

    Here is another. Our family never leaves till we see The END.At times we are the only ones left in the theatre.
    I hate when anyone comes in between, but have to be patient.

  • Shaila wrote:

    Yes. I also like to see the credits, mostly at home, either to identify the names of actors or the different locations, the film has been shot.

  • jamna varadhachary wrote:

    I had no clue about this. Next time, specially on BBT I will wait for it.

  • This article was a waste of our time and expensive space in Mumbai Mirror paper.
    How did watching the post credits benefit you or us?

    You usually write some thought provoking ones.

    To compensate for today’s article, next one give us spiritually elevating article which touches our soul’s yearning for the truth.

    Actually, it just struck me while writing the above, that your piece today is not a total waste, it is really spiritually enlightening…

    Like you, there are many of us (me too) who want to enjoy the innocent pleasures this world has to offer till the last breath, even though such pleasures can take us on the downward spiral of spiritual evolution, instead of making us grow spiritually.

    Sorry, I take back my comments I wrote at the start.

  • Bhavin Jankharia wrote:

    Aah. And finally light dawns. Why does the writing always have to be socially relevant? And actually this too is relevant…to some of us.

  • It is said that pen is mightier than the sword. And you are blessed to be in that esteemed position where you can enlighten ignorant souls like us by sharing your vast knowledge through your enriching play of words. And words can have a calming or agitating effect on our minds, depending solely at writer’s way with words.

    So writing does have to be socially relevant and the writer has to be morally responsible for his message may have a negative effect on his reader’s mind.

  • Anand Desai wrote:

    Bhavin… well I have never been a post credit geek…. but I enjoyed this one.. u know honestly why?? Because you wrote it with such consumate frankness of somethng which you like doing and shared it…. without bothering that someone would snicker at your “Like” .. I liked that attitude Sir.
    I liked the Monks reward bit. Never heard it earlier….
    Good work Bhavin. Kudo’s

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