Ganpati Hopping

This is my new piece for Mumbai Mirror, that appeared today.
Saturday before last, we made a big mistake. We decided to take the kids out for Ganpati darshan, and unfortunately, we started first with the GSB Ganpati at the Cosmopolitan grounds. It was like starting an Agatha Christie book from the last page


  • Milind Girkar wrote:

    For the strength comparison of Hanuman and Bheem with Hanuman being the stronger, there is a story, I think, in the Mahabharat.
    Bheem, once when filled with pride at his own strength, encounters an old monkey lying on a road and rudely asks him to move away so that he can pass. The monkey says that he is too old to move and could Bheem lift him. Bheem tries and finds surprisingly that he can’t and he his humbled. The monkey is, of course, Hanuman, Bheem’s elder brother, as both are sons of Vayu, the wind god.
    – Milind

  • True, but the issue here is between Ganpati and Hanuman.

  • hmm….Being a Vinayagar(Ganapathi or Pillaiyar Ganesha..well a rose by any other name is still a rose right)follower I’d say Vinayagar is stronger…well he is after all the lord of obstacle…so if Hanuman were to come…as an obtacle to Ganesha…wouldn’t Ganesha defeat him..
    yeah I know I alternated between Vinayagar, and Ganesha…Well..a rose is still a rose!

  • My kids will still root for Hanuman… or at least there is an animation movie on Ganpati

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