Empathy (Or My Lack of It)…Revisited

I wrote about my empathy drying up almost five years ago. Not much seems to have changed.
New Orleans is no more. An entire city


  • not sure that its lack of feeling empathy, if anything its the other way around. feeling the terrible angst and helplessness of finding that the expected and even taken-for-granted support system – all the state machinery – becoming either non-existent. or worse yet, subverted or made dysfunctional.
    and since we in bombay have a recent ‘been there done that’ experience, the tendency to compare, and get judgmental is only natural. uma has expressed things far more eloquently and pithily – its not a contest! for me, it doesn’t make sense to compare… and doesn’t make you or i any less empathetic. could i say i empathize with what you have felt and posted here? :o)

  • Ajit. I find it a little difficult to sift through my feelings at such times. And they are so often contradictory wrt virtually similar issues, though in different parts of the world. Thanks for the “empathy”…

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