The NaMoRal Dilemma

This is a confusing piece, simply because I am confused!

I don’t think we have ever had such a polarizing person as a Prime Ministerial candidate. And like so many people not living in Gujarat, despite being Gujarati myself, I have extremely mixed feelings!

Having grown up with the liberalism and ideals imbued by the “kurta, jeans, jholas” triad, what happened at Godhra in 2002 created an instant antipathy towards Mr. Modi and his cronies. I was convinced that he needed to be brought to justice!

The first sign that I was seeing just one side of the story was during a casual dinner conversation with my uncle from Ahmedabad, where I heard how proud they were of Mr. Modi, both in terms of what happened during 2002 as well as in terms of the changes he has wrought in the state, something no one denies (though there are voices that say there could be even more growth in Gujarat if there was more emphasis on English and the services’ sector).

Anyway, I then started speaking to more and more people in Gujarat and some more Gujaratis of my parents’ generation…the vast majority are pro-Modi in virtually all senses. At the same time, if the dinner table has non-Gujaratis or even Gujaratis who are not particularly right-wing, the debate gets quite virulent…no one is neutral…you are either pro or anti.

And frankly, as long as Mr. Modi’s ambitions were confined to Gujarat, it didn’t perhaps matter, in the larger scheme of things. Now that he could be the Prime Minister if the BJP wins the next elections (or he spearheads a BJP win), obviously, the issue goes beyond dinner table debates.

Many Gujaratis are unhappy with Mr. Modi becoming PM, because it would mean he would be moving away from Gujarat. Others are unhappy because of the 2002 issues.

If there were a viable alternative, this perhaps would not be very relevant. If the Congress wins, we get Mr. Rahul Gandhi as PM. Running a country is equivalent to being the CEO of a large corporation and you need considerable experience and expertise. Mr. Gandhi possesses none and cannot in all seriousness be considered for the post…leave aside the other related issues. In that context, no one can deny the hands-on experience that Mr. Modi brings to the table. And within the BJP? No one has the charisma or the ability to be considered a national leader at this point in time.

From a complete anti-Modi stance in the early 2000s, I am now confused, ambivalent and troubled. Yes, we know what happened in 2002. But shit happens and people make mistakes! And then, on the other hand is the undeniable fact that today he is the best PM candidate that we have.

Jainism tells us to forgive and forget people their past actions. But this power can only belong to the victims and those affected, not us. Hinduism is completely ambivalent on this issue, given the kind of violence and grey zones that pervade our mythology. Christianity urges forgiveness if asked for. In Judaism, this is the only crime that has no forgiveness unless the person affected gives absolution, and even then…

It has been a long time since any individual in the public arena has affected me or troubled me so much! Obviously what I think or feel does not matter to Mr. Modi. But I know that there are many like me…stuck with their feelings and not sure how to handle them!

Does anyone else have a different or wiser world-view on this?



  • GS Dastur wrote:

    It all depends on whether Mr Modi is a decent man who made a horrific blunder, or a ruthless man masquerading as a decent, efficient leader.
    Maybe the campaign process will reveal more.

  • “Jain­ism tells us to for­give and for­get peo­ple their past actions. But this power can only belong to the vic­tims and those affected, not us.” – This is not about FORGIVING, it is about not REWARDING morally bankrupt behaviour. Behind the support for Modi is the thinking that “finally we have someone who knows how to put THEM in their place”. Them = the OTHER, today it is Islam, tomorrow it could be any other religion or community or caste that people think doesn’t suit their convenience. This path is darkness and chaos and the loss of everything decent.

  • Frankly, I’ll take a bungling leadership any day over this kind of chilling cold-blooded violence.

  • Govind Gadiyar wrote:

    Modi is a business man and he has succeeded as a business man. There are two problems with him as I think.

    1. He has no vision for India. All the time he has been limiting himself to Gujarat till today.

    2. Second is quite important. All these years he has failed to create a team for Gujrat BJP or a successor. This second point will be barrier for him to reach the PM chair. Without a reliable team and a good successor he is destined for failure just like LK Advani.

    Any way let us wait and see. His becoming a PM is not going to change the things in India.

  • Jayesh Desai wrote:

    When I was student of khalsa college in 1972, there was honeycomb in front of the building hanging from the ceiling, one fine winter morning someone threw large stone and broke it, I remember running right in front of present day reliance mall and still one of us had to endure bee sting in scalp! Your article will have same effect!
    Seriously, in south Gujarat from where I come, I have seen same effect on Gujarati’s, but I have not seen any improvement in corruption or law breaking tendencies of gujarati, english is still spoken in horrifying manner. So I have serious doubts on that account, but then I may be wrong. As roads are better, people are upbeat and optimistic, which i can say is completely opposite of what we see in Mumbai.
    Something in lighter vein next time, please?

  • sriganesh wrote:

    No one talks about the sikh massacare in Delhi. The culprits in the Congress party are so many and no legal remedy has come up. The party had one PM after the other and no one bothered to even apologize to this community of India which boasts itself of not having a single begger. Finally Congress party elected Manmohan Singh who apologized which obviously went unheard.

    I know I have mixed feeling with this man but at least he gives me the feeling that he will not mess around with the country and spread incompetance and chaltha hai attitude.

    I would like to try him out but keep a vigil that he does not mess around with any religious communities.

  • devdee mehta wrote:

    this is too early to think n comment bcos its just media hype,nothing practical n authentic. lets wish who soever becomes pm may be rahul,nitish,shushma or modi , india must progress n india is not at all in bad shape,looking towards the world position. so gd luck india.

  • The riots in 2002,which some people and especially print and electronic media love to talk about,whenever the subject of NM comes up,were a REACTION to Godhra train burning.they forget this fact very very conviniently.There is no way,the massacre and bloodshed can be justified but neither can the train burning!In past thousand years history India and especially Gujrat,has been attacked looted,religious places destroyed many times by the muslims.After 2002,Gujrat was specifically targeted for the bomb blasts,I wonder why this same people donot even mention it once!Today people living in Gujrat donot talk as much about the riots but pseudosecularists do!Whether NM is suiatable as PM candidate or not is debatable but Rahul Gandhi is definitely unsuitable!

  • H.L. Chulani wrote:

    ‘ But shit happens and people make mistakes ‘? But,shit does not kill more than a thousand people in a state of which Mr. Modi happens to be the CM. The same happened in 1984 with the Sikhs- shit killed! Should we say ‘Oh shit’ and just move on? This is a crazy country and most leaders are bigots.
    Sorry, do not enough wisdom or world-view!

  • udayan.g.govekar wrote:

    Modi will be Prime Minister of Gujrat,not of India,my choice is Arun Jaitely,or Nitishkumar.Both can lead from front,Nitishkumar will be more like Lalbahadur shastriji, very rural son of Bharat.whereasArun Jaitely will be more like Rajiv Gandhi of India.who can forget how Modi,screwed up sanjay Joshi a RSS activist,&how these halfchaddiwalas like Mohan Bhagwat looked the other way.Like Kehubhai Patel tried to side line Namo during his stint as C,M.& NAMO emerged victorious, in the same manner one day sanjay joshi will rise to become C.M of Gujrat.Jai Hind.

  • Lot depends on people’s perception outside Gujarat. Frankly I don’t think BJP will come into power. In that case u know who will be PM and it will be nightmarish

  • Jigish Modi wrote:

    Today a Muslim leader can create a huge ruckus about an entertainment film and an Hindu feels an urge to leave the country!! Just whoever is supporting the Muslims.. I want to ask is this justified.. In a secular democratic India (Hindustan) where a Muslim can dictate terms and a Hindu filmmaker has to take a bow, is this going to be our future? Well honestly that is also not tolerable… Those people who burnt several Hindus in Godhara train were never booked and are still moving scott free. Can this be justified? No And killing of Muslims cannot also be justified. But who is the minority here? Hindus or Muslims? Who is dictating to Kamala Hassan? Why are we so shit scared of Muslims? Well we require someone to show them the place where they belong.. In Kurla and several places we see Green Pakistani flags during their festival… How can this be allowed? Honestly I do not like the way of politics, but someone has to do the dirty work!!!

  • bakin nayak wrote:

    The golden line in your piece is where you say the power to forgive lies with the victims. One sees no such change, besides where has the man himself ever acknowledged any wrong ? Dangerous times are surely in store with the likes of Owaisi and Togadia stoking the pre election fires and the Temple balloon being reinflated.

  • Most leaders with few exceptions have come with their share of ‘shit’. Maybe we should assume Mr Modi has finished his share before being in office. It augurs well for the future of India.
    Also, my personal opinion, India needs a India-centric leader and not a image-obsessed novice. The need of the hour is progress.

  • V.Subramanian wrote:

    The current PM is the most erudite,touted as the most honest perceived as a clean person.
    Unfortunatedly he has turned out to be a facade and has presided over the most corrupt cabinet.Not surprising at all.By perpetuating a single party rule and patronising the hegemony of a single family ,we had handed over the “License to Loot” on a platter to UPA 2. The party that dominated the political landscape in the country for well over five decades,has with the connivance of media,deceitfully succeeded in branding BJP as a communal party. BJP also helped them by their involvement in the demolition of Babri Majid.Secularism in this country is a confusing concept. The self-styled intellectuals,especially in the ruling party,have championed the cause of secularism by subsidising Haj travel,Banning Salman Rushdie and Taslima Nasreen and patronising the nude paintings of God and Godesses by MF Hussain.No one has a issue in MFH painting nude characters. But labelling them as “Sarawathi” “Parvathi” and “Kali” seems sinister and highly objectionable.These Secularists are strangely silent on the Fatwa against the “All girls Band” in the valley.
    The extent of involvement or otherwise of NaMo in the 2002 riots is being examined by the Judiciary under the supervision of supreme court.But the people of Gujarat have given their verdict very clearly. The position of BJP allies in the NDA and its potential allies, will determine the choice of PM’s candidate.For those who think modi as only pro business,his speech to Sriram College of Commerce, students was a refreshing revelation.He is equally focussed on Agriculture,services,health, Environment,education,tourism apart from Industry.His track record of Governance is impeccable. Hopefully he has learned from his mistakes in 2002, and with the omnipresence of OB vans and an increasingly vigilant civil society there should be no room for repeat of 1984 or 2002.There is no room for repeat of the mistakes people made in 2009 as well.

  • Sujata Morab wrote:

    A prime minister is representative of the country. America is one country whose relationship matters. And it is denying visa to him!
    Modi is a gujrati leader. Indian politics is vastly diverse from Gujrat politics. Listen to his speeches. Does he speak like a national leader. Nah! Sounds like a juvenile.

  • Dear Dr.Jhankaria,
    I was surprised to read a sentence in your article saying that Hinduism is ambivalent on the issue of forgiveness.You make this statement on the basis of your reading of Hindu mythology.Even a minor google search gives a lot of information.I include one quote :It says everything that a human being needs to know.
    (From Mahabharata, Udyoga Parva Section XXXIII, Translated by Sri Kisari Mohan Ganguli.)
    The Hindu leader Vidura said,

    Forgiveness subdues (all) in this world; what is there that forgiveness cannot achieve? What can a wicked person do unto him who carries the sabre of forgiveness in his hand? Fire falling on the grassless ground is extinguished of itself. And the unforgiving individual defiles himself with many enormities. Righteousness is the one highest good; and forgiveness is the one supreme peace; knowledge is the one supreme contentment; and benevolence, one sole happiness. (From Mahabharata, Udyoga Parva Section XXXIII, Translated by Sri Kisari Mohan Ganguli.)
    Other websites include information on the philosophical underpinnings of the concept of forgiveness in Hinduism.
    Hinduism is religion with a very developed philosophical tradition and we would all be well served by a greater exposure to its philosophies.Our view on Hinduism cannot be limited to mythology and Amar Chitra Katha

  • Modi is first of all a ‘ NO NONSENSE ‘fellow.
    I hated him when he visited Raipur, nearly Two weeks before becoming CM of Gujarat.We asked him why it was that ticket collectors and conductors in railways, used to talk to us in Hindi,when we spoke in Gujarati.They intentionally try to harass us, we being Gujarati s from other states.What should we do for this? His reply was Don’t come to Gujarat.No Nonsense

  • But as the time passed I could realise that he was correct. Instead of giving false promises like leaders of Congress,he was straight forward. India had in past, two best
    administrators in politics. 1.Sardar Patel and Rafi Ahmed Kidwai. Modi is out-spoken like Sardar Patel and he has proved when and where to hit for the bast results.I am secular, but my secularism does not allow anybody/ any minority to wash fish on your

  • head. I do agree with Deepali, Jigish Modi and V. Subramanium, there should be a check on extremist behaviour, unnecessary importance/patronage to anybody whether religious or linguistic or cast, creed financial minority or majority. Let not bite but must show the attitude to bite, if necessary. Those who were younger than Six years,when emergancy was laid by Mrs. Gandhi,
    do not know how thw whole nation had arose

  • within FIFTEEN days, as soon as the emergency was lifted, and thrown away Congress rule from Centre and Showed Mrs. Gandhi her real place.
    History can repeat itself, as it usually does. I do wish NaMo becomes PM and leads the nation to progress as done in case of Gujarat.

  • There is one thing for sure, that in any business small or big, the Boss is responsible for making it or breaking it.
    The present PM, who they say is goody goody, is (sorry have to respect the chair).
    Narashima Rao the then PM was responsible for the demolishing of the Babri Masjid. He did not take any action even after knowing very well about the build up of the forces in that sensitive area.
    He should have resigned immediately.
    This was the beginning of our woes, bomb blast and all. Thanks to Advani and his yatra.
    Rajiv Gandhi was responsible for the Sikh killings in 1984, by mouthing these words. When a huge tree falls…..
    and so on…

    Agree that each and everyone who commits these atrocities should be taken to task, should be tried and punished severely so that there should be no repeats, whether they are from A B or C party.
    We are very good at complaining and going back centuries,cribbing that we were looted and booted by so and so….Can we change that? Today we are looted and worse by our own people and we can do nothing, except fight among ourselves, playing into the hands of these rascals.
    I find it silly to think of what happened centuries ago and fight, when one can be happy, live a life of contentment, a good life. We cannot change what took place then. Why fight and be miserable in our present lives. Surely there are so many of us struggling to keep the wolf at bay, to feed, clothe and educate the kids.
    There are so many who go to bed without a decent meal. Guess we are all responsible for this.

    Re Modi: He being at the helm in 2002 would have had some information on the trouble that was about to take place at Godhra. That is the burning of coaches with the Hindu workers inside.
    And if he was not aware of the subsequent killings, then he is not fit to even be the CM of Guarat, leave alone PM of the Country. He too should have resigned and repented.
    Like someone said. It is better to have a …. like Rahul become the PM, than to have someone with blood on his hands.

  • Surendra Shah wrote:

    Bhavin (aka MFM):

    Narendra Modi will always carry the burden of what happened in Godhra whatever his political journey. But it will be balanced with his achievements in economic growth of Gujarat.

    There is no right job description for a PM. One thing is for sure, a country cannot be run as a corporation because Corporate CEO’s are focused on costs and efficiencies. In that context, the have not will never be a priority.

    Modi seems to have best credentials from experience point of view. Voters like all of you have have to evaluate his vision for the country for the benefit of all including those who cannot afford one square meal a day.

    Looking from the outside (a resident of US), India needs a sound energy policy to maintain target economic growth. One of Modi’s economic objectives is focused on sufficiency of power for the country which can do much more than what cell phones and bottled water has done for India.

  • I don’t know the facts of the case. And I don’t know if Modi is guilty, partially guilty, partially innocent or completely innocent. I do know that the mere shred of doubt over his role in the Godhra riots poses a few, very important questions: Can we let such a man exert power and control over our lives? What message are we sending other, unlawful citizens who take the law in their own hands? If Modi is guilty – and the reason we don’t know for sure is that in India, you’re innocent until proven guilty – can we possibly let him take responsibility for a whole country?

    Yes, ‘shit happens and people make mistakes’, but for you to dismiss 2002 as merely ‘shit’ pays it huge disrespect, and frankly, I’m amazed you said something so flippant. Besides, people who realise that they’ve made mistakes let themselves be held accountable and pay the price for their errors. I don’t think building Gujarat to what it is today really counts as making amends.

    I don’t care who our next PM is; I only know that it mustn’t be Modi.

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  • Chirag Maniyar wrote:

    I just want to say that media has always given negative impact to people for Mr. Modi

    Just check out all the posts of Times of India (they claim to be the NUMBER ONE English newspaper of India) concerned with either NDA (and specifically Mr. Modi) or the stupid dynastic party. They always portray Mr. Modi in bad light and treat their darling Rahul baba as the FUTURE of India.
    If Rahul baba is the future of India, then India is definitely moving backwards in all the fronts.
    TOI never ever appreciates or highlights tons and tons of work done by Mr. Modi, but one morsel of food eaten by Rahul baba in a poor man’s house is made the NEWS of the Day as if he blessed the family by eating their food. This difference of attitude towards Mr. Modi or the BJP by TOI is not healthy and impacts people towards being negative for him.
    And as far as the dumb secularist party is concerned, just see how happy and satisfied people are in Mr. Modi’s reign (yes, even Muslims in Gujarat say that). It showcases his power as a LEADER and that’s what separates him from the HERD of POLITICIANS. I have HUGE RESPECT for him and it is Time that all realize what is the need of the hour for India. Or else, we’ll burn in hell by bringing back the CORRUPT secularist party in power, and will have to face more and more problems. Rise prices, increased rate of unemployment, upward trending crimes are enough of the warning signs for people to understand that they are not benefited by the corrupt ruling party. I humbly REQUEST you Mr. BHAVIN JANKARIA, if you are reading this piece of comment, please let people know this. I am very very glad you wrote something on Mr. Modi. I totally understand that people ARE CONFUSED on Mr. Narendra Modi but I think HE IS THE MAN INDIA NEEDS TODAY.

  • Dear Bhavin,

    The comments on this piece warm the heart more than your piece. The comments here make me believe that good sense may still prevail.

    I agree with Deepa Krishnan’s comment above.

    I don’t think you are advocating forgiveness for modi but here is what I feel about that kind of forgiveness.

    Forgiveness is a good thing. As is forgetting. If you subscribe to a certain type of thought.

    While we’re forgiving, let’s forgive afzal guru as well? Wait we can’t. We just hanged him.
    Let’s forgive ajmal kasab too. Wait, we hanged him too.
    Let’s forgive osama bin laden. Wait, we got him too.
    What about forgiving sunil more, the constable who raped that 17 year old girl at the Marine Drive police chowky?
    What about forgiving the 6 rapists who killed that poor physiotherapist girl recently?

    Let’s forgive hitler, idi emin, gaddafi, saddam and assad while he’s still at it.
    Let’s forgive stalin. And those who perpetrated the Tiananmen Square massacre.
    Let’s forgive prabhakaran, veerappan, general dyer.

    Why stop at modi?

    Secondly, you make a bold but inaccurate claim when you state that modi is “the best PM can­di­date that we have”.
    What is this conclusion that you have come to based on?

    modi’s development story is more PR & less development. his lies are being exposed one after the other. The MoU’s signed and advertised at the Vibrant Gujarat’s summits do not materialise. Maharashtra’s investments far outstrip Gujarat’s. Maharashtra isn’t PR savvy because it isn’t using the PR like the “perfumes of Arabia”.

    Gujarat is now behind GDP growth as well. Maharashtra, Bihar, CG are all ahead.

    RTI activists are a frustrated lot in modi’s Gujarat.

    Alcohol is still bootlegged openly under modi.

    There’s a list of scams that runs well over 17,000 crore!

    modi’s governance has a track record of sectarian violence, murder, rape, mayhem, of high handedness, corruption, megalomania.

    How do you see such a man fit for any public office, let alone the highest one in the nation?

  • Vikram Vepa wrote:

    It is very heartening to see this raging debate on whether NaMo is a suitable candidate for the PM’s post or not. I am sure Bhavin did not expect such an outpouring of voices! I tend to agree with Bhavin that my feelings are ambivalent on the subject. Show me one leader, anywhere in the world, who has not done something that he/she regrets later? It is nice to see a handful of people vociferously express their opinions, and believe they are speaking on behalf of the country! to borrow a phrase from Bhavin, “shit happens”! have we forgotten that in a democracy such as ours, it’s the party that captures the most ballot booths wins? Not what you and I say, because we don’t even care to cast our vote. Yet, we want to decide who the next PM of our country is..don’t make me laugh!

    If there is a person who is willing to take on the bouquets and brickbats, usually more of the latter I am afraid, of running this country, let him go to the people and ask for their mandate. This morning I read that Mayawati has thrown her hat into the ring too. The list of hopefuls is as long as my arm. Yet, there can be only PM. Who gets there is not always a question of who deserves to be there.

    All I say is that to all these people who are willing to pass opinion, why dont you put your words into action..go battle it out in the minefield that is Indian politics, see how far you reach with your lofty ideals? Get down and face reality, your ivory towers will not last forever.

  • Chirag Maniyar wrote:


    As far as the so-called Modi’s PR is concerned, it was a necessity for Mr. Modi to do it; because the paid media does not present anything neutrally and never highlights pros of Modi govt. So he had to take this matter into his hands to let people know about what a fantastic job his govt is doing; be it industrial, energy (in particular solar power), agriculture, foodgrains and product manufacturing, education, employment and well-being of people.
    Even world bank agrees not once, but twice to this MAN.

    Just visit his official Facebook page for once and see the posts that will make you realise what you are missing. Do LIKE it so that you get to see regular posts.

    Agreed the GDP of gujarat is not as swanky as Maharashtra. The reason is that majority share of Maharashtra’s pie are from Mumbai, THE BUSINESS CAPITAL OF INDIA. Otherwise the rest of Mah. is as good as nothing (Pune is though becoming better by the day, no doubt).

    Regarding the statement of scams OVER Rs. 17000 crores, all of these are yet baseless. Even if they are proven, money that may have been bribed is showing its effects because WORK IS HAPPENING, not just money eaten up and not even Burrped like our lazy central govt. Let me just show you the SOME insights of OUR HONEST CENTRAL GOVERNMENT:

    Rs 185,591 crore Coal mining scam.
    Rs 176,000 crore (Rs 1.76 trillion) 2G spectrum allocation scam.
    Rs. 166,972 crore Delhi Intl Airport Ltd. Scam
    Rs 70,000 crore famous CWG scam
    Rs 35,000 crore UP food grain scam Mayawati, Mulayam Singh Yadav, Kapil Sibbal main accused
    Rs. 16,000 Crore of granite scam alone in Tamil Nadu
    Rs 3,600 crore of the recent chopper scam
    Rs 1000 crore PDS scam in Arunachal Pradesh
    Rs 500 crore Scorpene deal scam
    Rs 175 crore taj corridor scam
    Rs 70 crore National Highway scam
    madhu koda mining scam, uranium scam, bofors sacam, this scam that scam can you just imagine these varieties provided?
    All these sum upto more then 1000 times of what is supposedly your quoted amount of 17000 crores. And mind it, even 0.0001 percent of this money has not been returned back to the common man in any particular way. It is simply dumped in swiss banks and is used to stuff into faces of people who oppose the Mummyji or her darling baba. At least you should appreciate the fact that the Gujarat govt works its part to that level.

    And yes, the list goes on and on and on for the United Progressive Alliance. They believe in allying unitedly for their own progress.

    I heard something called rape, violence, mayhem, corruption somewhere. Sheila dixit, are you listening? Someone pls also call Shri Sharadchandraji Pawar saheb, shri Ashok Chavan, Shri Praful Patel, Shri Laloo Prasad Yadav so that we can garland them on their efficient working for our country.

    Psst… The last whole paragraph was sarcasm. Dont take it seriously, neither of our UPA guys take India seriously.

    Lastly, I want to recollect the infamous Manmohan singh dialogue mad on sept 14, 2012,”We have to bite the bullet, if we have to go down, let us go down fighting”. Do leaders talk THIS SHIT to public? Compare this to the speeches that Mr. Narendra Modi gives. Just search for him on youtube. You will find hundreds of the speeches. #THEEK HAI?

  • Chirag Maniyar wrote:

    Mr. Bhavin, if you read this piece, please do share your insights on my point of view. The bottom line of my discussion (or argument if You are reading Mr Aman or Ms Dalzeen).
    And yes, I did forget completely of our ex-President Mrs. Pratibha tai Patil. What a brilliant usage of her position…!!!
    Someone who can spend Rs 205 crore public money for personal trips is definitely fit for being the first citizen of India, right Aman? Because Mr. Narendra Modi, the son of the soil, the Man who knows his business does not deserve Prime Minister ship, but our rahul baba knows perfectly. How beautifully and single-handedly, he dipped the UPA chances in the UP elections.!

    And on a completely different note, please dont respect guys like Akbaruddin Owaisi, their language speaks more of their attitude towards people. Mr. Modi is umpteen times better than the dangerous Mr. Owaisi.

  • I’m surprised that leader of a government which failed to protect its citizens and maintain law and order not once but many times is voted again and again back to power. Gujrat government in 2002 failed on many accounts:
    1. Failed to identify that trouble is brewing in Godhra; failure of intelligence services.
    2. Failed to act in time to saves lives in Godhra train burning; failure of Emergecny services and police force.
    3. Failed again to protect innocent lives of people who did not have anything to do with train burning but just happened to have similar religious faith.
    One act of violence revenged by another more gruesome violence was how primitive barbaric societies behaved.
    Modern civilized states would investigate in depth how and by whom the violence was perpetrated and bring all the culprits before justice.
    It is obnoxious and outright stupid that a man who failed to prevent, if not oversaw, all these mindless violence is now purported to be the head of the country. Seems India has long way to go before it gets the priorities right.

  • Chirag Maniyar wrote:

    Thiruvananthapuram, Mar 8: An MLA of the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) that is part of the Congress-led UDF government in Kerala has absolved Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi of any blame whatsoever in the post-Godhra riots. Addressing a IUML meeting at Panoor in Kerala on Wednesday, the legislator KM Shaji said that Modi has not tried to implement the BJP’s Hindutva agenda in Gujarat.

    According to Shaji, Modi cannot be held guilty of killing Muslims. Nor did he have a role to play in the destruction of any masjid, Shaji averred. Pointing to the harmony between Gujarati Muslims and Hindus, he said that members of the minority community have welcomed Modi’s good governance.

    Gujarat has witnessed rapid development over the past one decade and the steps taken by the BJP regime should be emulated by other states in order to achieve similar growth, the MLA stressed.

    Incidentally, several IUML leaders were present on the dias while Shaji gave a clean chit to Modi but none of them objected to his praise of a political rival. The surprising aspect is that IUML never misses a chance to target the BJP.

    This speaks volumes of THE MAN.
    T Rehman, wake up

  • Binu Varghese wrote:

    Actually we are not so bothered about Marendra Modi, not as much as the BJP leaders are internally and the Media is. Modi is just a decent administrator and arrogant, unforgiving ruler. He will be a disaster to the Country if he comes anywhere near Delhi. What’s wrong with Rahul Gandhi? As qualified. And there are others. NaMo does not even regret what hapenned at that time. Oh Come on Man, i a hope India is sensible enough to crush your Ego, your Rudeness, your arrogance….

  • Chirag Maniyar wrote:

    Mr Binu Varghese, please rush to any nearest coaching institute that specializes in teaching English language, its grammar, nouns, pronouns, proper nouns and stuff.

    Okay, first of all, it is anything but ‘Marendra’ Modi.
    Nothing that “hapenned”(as per your English) is to be regretted. U “a” hope India is sensible to NOT vote Congress and its allies because the UPA leeches will only suck more and more money from us and will be no good to provide education, security, administration that India needs.
    You are asking “What’s wrong with Rahul Gandhi?” Well, Mr Binu, you seem to be suffering not only from English language problems but also mental problems.
    Check out this website:
    which gives us a compiled and proper look of the things done by Mr Rahul Gandhi.

    IS it not in front of your eyes how the UPA govt has screwed us all in the last decade that you want to again bang your head on the wall?
    Why don’t you guys understand that the exercising of vote is to decide who will function the Indian government in an efficient way till the grass root level.
    Open your eyes and see what is hapPenning…
    It is not about Hinduism, islam, Sikhism, Jainism, christianity, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism,Judaism or any other religion. It is about being a human; an Indian. A person like Mr Modi knows his work. Not like our eunuch govt who unable to administrate governance in the country.
    Enough said.

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