Gujjus (and Kutcchis) rule

This is today’s post in the Mumbai Mirror.
In the context of the Gujjufication of Matunga, Swapna sent this mail,


  • Anonymous wrote:

    S v/s S works brillaintly because of the brilliant writing- Aatish Kapadia.

  • That is true. After a long time, we actually have some really good scripts. Though not all episodes are equally good, but nevertheless…compared to the other trash on TV, this one’s far superior.

  • I have this seriously complaint against “MISS UNIVERSE” the store in matunga market…they think we are fools and actually sell stuff at prices two times their neigbour’s…i had this problem with them today…i brought a tube top from them which according to them was Rs 675/-…when their neighbour “VIJAL” sells it for Rs 510/-…when i went back to them and asked them why so?….the whole gang fought with me…raising their voices…and one of the salesman had the audacity to say “get out”..It was ridiculous…i had two of my friends as witnesses.But this whole experience has left me so bitter..i advise everyone in matunga,sion,wadala and dadar to not get cheated by them like i was..i can give you guys the details including the bill number if you all dont trust me.

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