Jay, Veeru And Digital Bigamy

Last week I briefly mentioned that despite being an Apple fan-boy, I had switched to Android with a Samsung Galaxy Note II. The main driver was the loss of Google Maps from the Apple ecosystem.

I received quite a few emails from confused individuals, asking for more details. So here goes…

First. Don’t even think of Blackberry, Nokia or Microsoft. Only iOS and Android matter at this point in time. To use iOS, you need to have an Apple phone, the models ranging from the 3GS to the recent 5. With the Android system, you have a wide choice of vendors, ranging from HTC to Samsung to LG to Nexus.

For me, Maps was the deciding factor. If Maps and Navigation are important to you, then there is no contest. Get an Android phone. If these are not critical, then it comes down to how you want to use your phone and how much you want to tinker.

iOS is like Jay. Calm, composed, in control. Android is like Veeru. Helter-skelter, haphazard, funny. (It can be argued that Sholay works mainly because of Veeru and the highly under-rated Dharmendra…but that would be too much of a stretch if applied to these two phones).

If you want a phone that works out of the box that is simple and straightforward to use, with typically just one way of doing things, with an App store where all apps are screened, where everything works and crashes are rare, then go for iOS/Apple. Also, being expensive, an iPhone has bling value. And everything is nice and pretty and consistent.

If you however feel constrained by Apple’s chains and are the type who will jail-break the iPhone at the first opportunity to get non-existent features like draft SMS, scheduled SMS, etc, then it’s best to go with an Android phone. The Android ecosystem allows you to perform the same task in multiple ways. To delete something for example, I can swipe, long press or use the menu key. The multiple home-screens with widgets allow a better use of productivity and other apps. You can buy and download apps from multiple sources and if you want to experiment, the Android system gives much more leeway than iOS.

There are certain iOS apps however with no Android equivalent, e.g. Papers for scientific publications and Osirix for radiology images. Android also does not have a decent RSS reader like Reeder or a good notes app like Simplenote. However, if you are a Google user, the integration with Gmail, Calendar, Picasa and Drive is astonishing. iOS Mail for POP/IMAP accounts is better than the native Android Mail. But if you use Gmail instead of POP accounts, then Android is far better.

For most people, the biggest pain points are their Contacts and Calendar information and the fear of losing these when their phones are stolen or crash. The best way to secure this data is to use Google Calendar and Google Contacts and sync them with your phone…both Android and iOS do this well, though iOS tries to initially force you to use iCloud…which is just not as good.

It all eventually boils down to what you want from the phone. Maps – Android. Gmail and Google power user – Android. Papers / Osirix – iPhone. Jay-like personality – iPhone. Veeru-like – Android.

I currently have both phones with me, since I can’t bear to give up my iPhone 4S. I am now officially a digital bigamist (thanks Vishal) and have finally come to understand why man was not meant to be monogamous.


  • Niranjan Bhat wrote:

    I have been planning to buy the Samsung Galaxy S II Smartphone for sometime now. Your rooting for the Android platform reinforces my decision. The Galaxy Note II does double up as a phone, yes, but as a 65 year old, I find it too unwieldy to use as a phone. May be after I get used to the Smartphone, I will also buy the Note II next year,mainly for non-phone usage.

    Niranjan Bhat

  • These are deep technical points, written from the magic keyboard of Bhavin in a simple way. Bravo.


  • P. Venkatraman wrote:

    I have been an iOS fan for a long time but decided to switch to Andriod after a few issues.

    – Contacts issue. Say your friend calls you up and you save his number on your iPhone. You keep syncing your contacts on the iCloud so that a copy is always there for you.

    Now if you stop syncing with iCloud ( say you want the addresses in Outlook so that you can email etc ) the contact that was created on iPhone gets deleted from your phone when you stop syncing with iCloud.

    In short the contact created on iPHone is considered property of Apple and is available ONLY if you keep syncing with iCloud.

    It is quite wrong to take ownership of the contact that was created on the phone and for me this was a matter of princicple.

    US issue – I use a UK open iPhone. Perfectly legal and not jailbroken. When I go to the US the local SIM when put into my iPHone will not permit me 3G connection or tethering..since Apple has got contracts with carriers restricting certain features if the phone is not on a Plan.

    I bought my an Andriod phone there ( and got hooked ) and faced no such issues. Full 3G connectivity with tethering all over the country..for $5 a day.

    I am going to move over to Andriod since I feel that Apple practices Restrictive trade practices.


  • Interesting indeed.I am happy with my Samsung ACE.
    SHyam Bajaj.

  • H.L. Chulani wrote:

    Jay ki Jai Ho!

  • Lavanya Singh wrote:

    Use an iPod Touch with an Android Phone and you can get the best of both worlds!

  • I have been an Android fan for the last few years more so as I live on Google. Android comes naturally and no wonder I use a Nexus Tab too:-) Don’t use Maps or such much but when it comes to my contacts, calendar and mails, I am there on Android always and yes there is a WordPress app too on that for blogs:-) So I am much happier being a Veeru:-)

  • Jayesh desai wrote:

    This one is great! I was considering buying a tab and was debating ioS or Android. After reading your article and comments made up my mind, it has to be Android! Thanks!

  • V.Subramanian wrote:

    Amidst serious Tech-Talk, wanted to introduce a lighter note much like “Soorma Bhopali” or “Angrezo ke Zamane ka Jailor”.
    On a larger canvass,instead of a “Digital Bigamist”, How about a “Professional Polygamist”, since you have embraced the professions of medicine,Technology and Journalism, with ease and elan. Such a suggestion would be outrageous,even if we do not stay in Palghar.Your article has provided some clarity even for a confused individual like me, still using an outdated model of i-phone.Galaxy on Android is tempting but one is still not sure about its originality despite the court verdict.

  • I have an I pad from the apple stable and enjoy it thoroughly. Now when I had to buy a new phone , I went for a Samsung galaxy s-3. Still getting used to it , but find it very interesting too. We can have the best of both.

  • Prabha Vinay wrote:

    This is Simple? My head started spinning halfway and I straight away headed to the concluding sentence which gave me some relief and reason for a big smile!
    Keep writing……

  • Ganesh Parameswaran wrote:

    Veeru and Jay!!! I never knew that they could be related nearly 4 decades later with the latest tech gadgets. Long lives Sholay.

  • mehul bhatt wrote:

    it feels good when intellectuals accept that men were not designed to be monogamous.can this article be used in future for reference?

  • Android has good note apps like evernote.

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