Of Columns and Columnists (…and Bloggers)

I was sitting for dinner late tonight and saw the latest issue of Fortune on the credenza. I picked it up and immediately started off with the last page, which is Stanley Bing


  • thanks, mfm, for the kind words!

  • hey ! really very well said !
    BTW. I was one of MFM fans and felt the same way about your columns too …..
    what I have seen is that if a writer/columnist doesn’t TRY too hard and just speaks himself/herself out, the writing CONNECTS …
    We can’t agree with everyone about everything but as you say ” it is exciting to get that one little extra insight into another individual

  • so, im not alone! i, too, only subscribe to sunday midday for anil`s in-your-face, edgy columns, and for khalid`s out of the world, hilarious reviews.
    too bad khalid`s left midday now.
    and up to the extent, i have a question in my ‘feature and opinion’ paper(that`s right, im a journo student -tybmm board this yr) which asks us ‘who r our fave columnists and why..’ dont take a wild guess, its anil al right….but is there a chance sum1 can provide me with more info on him..?i know he also writes for outlook, tehelka apart frm ‘in bad taste’ in midday..but since how long, his other credentials etc..
    to add to this i find prem shnakar jha`s column particularly boring.(i hope hez not readin this..)

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