About a Training School for Girls About to Be Women…And the need for Strong Hands

I first read about this on Uma’s site and followed the link to Amit’s site for a hilarious take-off. The original article appeared in yesterday’s TOI, but apparently according to Charu, this had appeared earlier in the Hindu and on Rediff.
These links per se should suffice, but just to encapsulate. Bhopal has a training institute for girls, where they are taught to be ideal housewives. Apart from regular, mundane stuff like how to cook and take care of the in-laws, they are also taught some really interesting stuff that includes, having sex between 12midnight and 3AM and singing bhajans between 3AM and 6AM. The funniest part however is the one where the article describes the five ornaments of a good wife. To quote “an ideal wife must have five “ornaments”


  • yup, isn’t this the pits? my first reaction was to treat this a big joke – but then the more you think about it, the more scary it sounds… and yes, it appeared in the Hindu and rediff in august / july 2003.

  • Its amazing what kind of markets can be created. And the more fundamentalist that you get, the more people seems to be gravitating away from the centre and from liberal ideas.

  • yes

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