Sun Signs for the 40ers

This is for those in their 40s. A good age to be, at times depressing, but great fun.

Aries: Today, you will forget a friend’s name. You will remember her profession, where she lives, her husband’s name and where her children study. You will remember that you had remembered her name just ten minutes ago, but now when you want to introduce her to your spouse, you will forget. It is called nominal aphasia and will only worsen with each passing year.

Taurus: Someone you know will die soon. Stop worrying…each decade, about 5-10% of people you know will leave this world and 10% of your women friends will get breast cancer. Learn to be supportive and understanding.

Gemini: Donate. There is no harm giving away a little part of that money you have made and sharing it with those a little unfortunate. Now is the time to get involved and make a difference, even if small.

Cancer: You will soon be a grandparent. I know, it sounds…so old. But if you decided to have your first child in your 20s and then got her married off two years ago, she too is going to have a child soon, whether you like it or not.

Leo: One more joint will creak tomorrow. You will also need to get a new pair of spectacles for your worsening near vision. Remember that our bodies weren’t really meant to live longer than 40 years…slow deterioration and a failure of its parts are a given…so stop freaking out each time you ache.

Virgo: Travel. Who knows what really is going to happen tomorrow. Don’t miss up on any opportunity to see more of this world. Remember, this is all there is to our lives…so make the most of the time you have.

Libra: Eat less. Problems related to being overweight are only going to increase and a prudent diet helps. Your body can no longer handle gorging on potato chips and sev-puris the way it could in your 20s…so ease up. A small drink now and then however is good.

 Scorpio: You, or someone you know will soon divorce or separate. It happens. Not everyone these days can handle living together for extended periods of time. Give help and support when that happens and try and see if you can learn from these incidents in case you want your own marriage to last longer.

Sagittarius: Don’t think too much about making more money. The trajectory of your life is set. You will earn a little more each year, but there will be no dramatic shift or change in the next 20 years as far as your career is concerned. So chill, enjoy and be realistic. And if you haven’t made CEO by now, you are not going to.

Capricorn: Chill. You don’t have to worship at the altar of the Church of Work ceaselessly. The only reason work was invented was to make sure that people don’t have idle time to think up “dangerous” things…now is the time to revel in idleness. There is nothing wrong with staring at the ceiling for an extended period of time.

Aquarius: Pick up a new “third” thing to do apart from your work and home. Paint, run, read, anchor a show like Satyameva Jayate…but do something different. This is the only way you can keep rust at bay.

Pisces: Go out and walk today…or run…or workout. These activities will help your body last a little longer, which is a must, if you still want to be healthy when you hit your 80s and 90s.


  • Haniraj Chulani wrote:

    ‘Think different’ (Apple motto) and do different- that is the only way after forty!

  • Dear Bhavin,
    I am a Capricorn & I do not agree with you. I am a Metallurgist & work in the steel plant- I am 66. I stay at Powai & commute to Wada 2.1/2 hours each way– 5 days a week.
    I will rather not retire, but work till my last breath. I do not want to go to my grave with all the knowledge buried in my head. I take great pleasure in imparting it to youngsters.
    I took a boy who was serving food in our canteen — a 8th class drop out & taught him Ultrasonic Testing. Today he is doing an excellent job. Another boy who was an assistant to the cook in the canteen–a 6th class drop out has been trained on Lathe, Shaper and surface grinder– he makes all the samples for tensile & impact testing.
    Tell me should I not continue with this work– Be Frank

  • Bhavin Jankharia wrote:

    Of course you should work. But there is no harm taking some time off and spending it in happy idleness.

  • Janak Sheth wrote:

    Aries – and if she is half a looker as she was 25 years ago then rest assured your wife will make you a Tauran in double time. 🙂

  • Aparna wrote:

    “Anchor a show like Satyameva Jayate”- hahaha! I see you couldn’t resist that, sir!! Had loved that blog, and really liked this one too…

  • Bhavin Jankharia wrote:

    What to do. Am like that only.

  • dr. rajesh parikh wrote:

    a good message for aboe 40 or it was for 60s?

  • dr muhbeen shaikh wrote:

    one of ur best articles bhavin.

  • Amishi wrote:

    hahaha-excellent take Bhavin.
    So true-divorce,cancer,alzheimers-all happening with all of us -and you forgot -facing our teenage generation, their second round of admission pangs and the separation blues soon to follow.
    Excellent work Mr. Natu-so inspiring-true social service-teach a man to fish

  • Dr Kamal Ladsariya wrote:


    A welcome and pleasant shift from your favourite Subjects..

    We had enough on issues related to jogging, traffic, two wheelers riders
    changing scenario of shops, restaurants etc.

    Keep it up.

    Kamal Ladsariya

  • dipali wrote:

    the article made me smile.I enjoy the comments as much as the article.About satyamev jayate,I think the anchor has taught people what NOT to do if you want to make a successful TV show,although last few episodes were not bad.

  • Dear Bhavin
    Though your clip is for $0’s these type of astrological predictions do not carry you much to achieve your goals. A 67+ friend.Please read Peter Vidal in EYE Every Sunday instead.
    Warm regards

  • DD Rathi wrote:

    You are doing well. You are very sharp when taking of city’s problem or of human attitude. It is great you find time. DD Rathi.

  • Armaity Surendra Patel wrote:

    Hi Bhavin,
    Good to know that you are trying your hands at astrology too!

  • Man from Five Gardens wrote:

    I live in 5 Gardens. We have known for a long time that people from Matunga can only survive if they develop a sense of humour. In your case add the fact that you have a name like “BHAVIN JHANKHARIA” and you were born to be the King of Comedy no matter what your star sign…….. Man from Five Gardens

  • yashashree wrote:

    Hi Bhavin,

    I laughed so much after reading this article. I am going to stick this article up my wall so that when I’ll turn 40, I know what(not)to look forward to!

    And whichever sunsign you are born under, how muchever money or fame you earn, you are going to be 40 one day and face similar issues…so it’s just your attitude that can make a lot of difference:))

  • I am a Tau­rus….but thank god I am not into my 40’s now!!!:)

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