“ID Ten T” Mistakes and Errors

Five of us (my twins, another couple and I) went cycling five Sundays back on the Port Trust road. We loaded the bikes into the trunks of our cars and drove till the Cotton Green junction, where we parked our cars and then headed down to the BPT road on our cycles.

We gathered at pillar No 167 of the under-construction flyover and then rode south hoping to get to Ballard Pier. My son and my friend went in front, while I was in the middle, my daughter and my friend’s wife bringing up the rear. The wife was cycling quite slowly and kept falling back…twice I stopped, waiting for her to catch up. She seemed to be much out of shape.

We were not allowed beyond the Bhau-cha-Dhaka junction so we decided to turn back and call it a day. The wife was still cycling very slowly. Back at pillar 167, we all made fun of her and her fitness levels. She then exchanged her cycle with her husband’s and we made our way to the car. My kids and I reached quickly, but the couple was nowhere to be seen. I went back looking for them, only to find that the husband was now struggling to cover the distance and the wife was much ahead.

It was then that everyone realized the problem. It was the cycle, not the wife’s fitness levels. The back wheel had had a flat since the time we had started…and no one had seen it or for that matter figured it out.

A classic “ID Ten T” mistake.

Last month, I was to take an online class for a group of students at 7.30PM. I was on my seat in front of my laptop, ready to start at 7.28PM. I clicked on the link that would launch the class, but it didn’t work. I had just upgraded the laptop’s MAC software along with a JAVA update and I thought perhaps that was the problem. I restarted my Air, but the problem persisted. The students had already logged in and my secretary was constantly texting me asking me why I was not yet online.

I told her that I was having technical problems. I switched to another room and another computer, assuming that the problem was with my laptop. I faced the same issue. I contacted online support, but they could not help. By now it was 7.50PM and 20 minutes of the 30 minutes class had already gone by. I told my secretary that I would reschedule and asked her to inform the students.

It was then that I finally recalled an email from the previous day that had carried a link to launch the class. When I retrieved that email and clicked the link, it all worked perfectly. What I had been doing for the last 25 minutes was to use the link that the students were supposed to click on, to log into the class, instead of the one for the teacher. And despite being so tech savvy, I just hadn’t been able to figure this out.

Another classic “ID Ten T” error.

I first heard this phrase from a friend (thanks Sharada) who narrated an incident about her friend’s neighbor’s 12-years old son who came to her friend’s house to fix a simple computer problem. When pressed for an explanation of the problem, he told her friend that it was an “ID Ten T” error.

Just write down ID then the number “Ten” (10) and T, all next to each other to understand this better.

It happens to all of us some time or the other.


  • Pushpendra Shah wrote:

    Hehehehehehehehehehe – Been there, Done That ! Reminds me of a “BLONDE” joke – I guess we all are a bit blonde – She went to get a specific thing from the Car Shop – she was looking for 710. The shop owner had never heard of it, asked the blonde to confirm. She brought the oil cap of the engine…He looked at the cap – OIL and fell down laughing . . .

  • saurabh NATU wrote:

    C zero zero level

  • H.L. Chulani wrote:

    And to some all of the time!

  • Sundaram wrote:

    ID10T problems always happens only to others. We are smarter! That is what all of us think 🙂

  • Jayesh desai wrote:

    It happened to me too. 20 years back I had fitted sliding glass window on my balcony , within six month it was not moving smoothly. I thought the reason was dust collecting in rails so started cleaning it every Sunday,but gave up after month or two. Then I went on advising anyone who care to listen Not to fit sliding glass window in dusty environment of India. Slowly it stopped completely and then I wanted hormone it so called carpenter and when dismantle the whole thing the fault was caught the top rails had bent down in middle causing the jam in sliding. Felt like biggest fool for drawing wrong conclusion without taking pains to check all cause .

  • Bhavin Jankharia wrote:

    Happens to the best of us / them

  • B DasGupta wrote:

    Nice one. So true.

  • G.Venkataraman wrote:

    Enjoyed reading about these experiences. These happen to every one at some point oftime, blonde or bald.

  • Khushboo wrote:

    hahaha.. nice one..a light article as compared to your heavy ones.. :p

    But really nice..

  • Prabha Vinay wrote:

    That was indeed FUN, reading…. FUN coz it reminded me of being in similar situations myself though at other times things are done by so much precision as if I won’t make a mistake ever !!

    Thanks for the read! Had a good laugh at myself..

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