All South Indians are not Madrasis

This was published in today’s Mumbai Mirror.
Indira emailed me after last week


  • All south indians are not madrasis now but all were madrasis some time back.

  • Ignorance is bliss!

  • hibiscus wrote:

    Man from Matunga! Nice to see you back. Ok tell me, is there a Mysore Concerns and also a separate/different South Indian Concerns around there? I know MC and have just heard about SIC, and also heard it said SIC been there for a while, although I personally have seen MC (and bought their coffee) for ages.
    Googled and found that you’re back in the ether world, so let me leave it to the expert to answer. Photographic evidence is welcome. 😀

  • hibiscus wrote:

    Hmm, it turns out South Indian Concerns may have been the older name of what is now Mysore Concerns… need someone with a long memory here, I guess.

  • Mysore Concerns is the one that sells coffee just off the circle. South Indian Concerns is near the temple above or besides Nallis on the road from Bhaudaji to the post-office.

  • RajeshRamachandran wrote:

    Arre Bhavin Bhai,
    As a Tamilian who pretty much grew up in Matunga East (both my parents are from Matunga), I am reading all your articles with tremendous interest. Your description of many things is spot on (“Gujju-Tamil divide along main road”, “Anand Bhuvan”, etc). I thoroughly enjoyed living vicariously your “idli-rasam” experience. You have to hand it to the Anand-Bhuvan and Mysore cafe types to invent new “south Indian” dishes to keep the Gujju palate interested. I am just wondering if you have any thoughts on the Jains living in Matunga. Some of the best “Kakras” are made by Jain gujjus on the Aurora side of the main road.

  • RajeshRamachandran wrote:

    South Indian concerns (SIC) is different from Mysore Concerns (MC). SIC is the place across from Bhajana Samaj and besides Shankara Mutt. SIC specialises in serving Tamil/South-Indian meals. MC is the shop that is famous for its coffee.

  • That’s true. Just look out for my khakhra piece in a couple of days.

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