No Mall-Practice in Matunga

This was published in today’s Mumbai Mirror.
There is a small shop called Vijay Stores, on the market road from King


  • Dimple in New jersey is called bombay Talk and they have one more called khasiyat
    I liv in the US and whenever I go to the Panwalla next to Madras Cafe, next to the Cycle store , he still remembers which paan one eats. If you go to Star for a hair cut and if you go upstairs to Mani ( I think) he knows you by name and how can you forget Abbas!!!!

  • Omg .. memories .. my ears just rise up when I hear any term thats familiar to my matunga jargon .. this is good stuff .. yes and I would also like to remind you guys about the cheap books sold all around kings circle and the famous health juice center and classic pav bhaji 😀

  • Hey Bhavin,
    I was surfing theu the net and read all the artcles you have written about Matunga. Great Stuff! R u a member of Matunga Gymkhana. Me too! I used to live at Hindu Colony and now moved near SIWS college next to NKES High school. My parents still stay at Hindu Colony. But there is so uch calm and peace in Wadala. One feels as if you are out of Mumbai. Though it is in Wadala it has a lot of Matunga culture due to South Indians and Gujaratis. is my id. Keep writing. Thanks

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