The Unraveling

Most days, life runs smoothly! Work is interesting. The kids are doing well. The wife is smiling. The parents are in reasonably good health. There are friends around. A couple of times a month, we are able to catch a film or two and eat out. Some weekends we are able to chill completely, sometimes in the city, sometimes outside. Other weekends, there are social obligations, but those are fine as well – it is nice to meet extended family and colleagues for short periods of time.
And then one of those other days happens!
A car doesn’t stop when you are crossing the road, but luckily doesn’t splash you. You are just about able to avoid putting your foot in some human or dog poop. The poopers are having food and doing God knows what, occupying half the side of the pavement that you are walking on. It’s raining, but you’re lucky to have your umbrella and don’t particularly get wet. A customer cancels, but there’s someone else without an appointment you are able to accommodate. The transcriptionist screws up, but there’s enough time to check the report for errors. A meeting almost gets canceled because someone has complicated issues, but it all get’s sorted out in time. A manager has problems and you lose your temper, but eventually you land up counseling the person. A colleague goes off and shoots off his mouth inappropriately to the new management, but the people across the table understand and the issue doesn’t escalate. The email server is acting funny and one important email gets delayed, but the importance itself dissipates by the time the email comes through.
But, what if…you did get splashed, your foot did go into the poop, the poopers occupied the pavement in the middle and blocked your way, you forgot the umbrella and got wet, after the client canceled, there was a wasted 30 minutes during which someone else could have been accommodated, the report with errors actually was mailed out, the meeting did get canceled because someone’s complicated issues became more important, the manager put in his papers after you shouted at him, the new management started screwing you because your colleague’s words set off a snowballing chain of events and the important email didn’t come through and led to embarrassment all around.
Imagine all of this or most of this happening on a background of sleep deprivation, the general stress of seeing people around you dying like flies or coming down with cancer or strokes or cardiac events over the last couple of months, the books and magazines piling up on the nightstand and the inability to keep up with friends on weeknights when they go out.
You implode. And then…explode. And those who are unlucky to be in the way get singed.
It feels better. But there is never a free lunch. The splitting headache starts almost instantly.
You come home.
The wife is smiling. The son says hello. The daughter comes and gives a hug. You listen to Sabby’s rendition of “Yaara Silli Silli” that she has uploaded on her FB profile. You do a 4 km run in 30 minutes.
And the world feels livable again.
At least, until it starts unraveling again some other day!
But what if…if the unraveling stays unraveled. The darkness continues for days without respite. The implosion slowly consumes you and hollows you out from within.
What happens then!

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  • jamna V wrote:

    You take deep breaths and learn to cope. Soon you will learn how to. The ultimate stress busters are the children.

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