Dil Chahta Hai

This Friday we were again stuck in the stalls at Aurora in Matunga. Those were the only tickets available and that too scrounged from a friend who knew a friend who knew a friend… Wooden seats, a bad crowd of teenagers in the back row cracking inane jokes at the slightest provocation and an opening scene about cirrhosis and liver transplantation that didn’t make any medical sense.
But then the film took off…and how! It is peppy, cool, hip, funny and entertaining. And though it is not in the Lagaan league, it is a bloody good film.
The promos over the last couple of weeks were promising anyway. Both Aamir and Saif sported new looks and this was the first film after a long time for Akshaye, who I think, is a good, but terribly underrated actor. I also quite like Preity, who I think is one of the better actresses of the current crop. This cast itself was enough to get me to the theatre.
The film is about three friends who are buddies from college. The first half is a montage of their lives while they are freaking out, having fun with girls, travel and pranks, having just graduated from college without definite aims in sight. The focus during the first half is more on Akshaye than the other two; he is a painter and the only one whose career is set. The second half gets more serious with all the three buddies finally trying to settle down in their lives and trying to find their true loves. The setting is urban rich all through with no regrets or explanations for this milieu. Everybody is rich, enjoying himself/herself and falling in love with each other; as would by and large happen in normal life.
The surprise packet of the film of course is Dimple, acting her age, a middle-aged divorcee who Akshaye falls in love with, an act triggering the split-up of the three buddies, just before the interval. Preity is seen mainly after the interval and is her usual bubbly self, but Sonali Kulkarni disappoints.
The buzzword here is style. Farhan Akhtar manages to do what Rakesh Mehra in Aks was aiming for. His use of colors, furniture, lighting, clothes and music sets the correct mood for each scene, making it instantly believable. The music is contemporary and very exciting. I hadn’t really paid attention to it in the promos, but I promptly went and bought the soundtrack CD yesterday and the more I play it the more I like the sound.
The irritating parts? Dimple needs to get her teeth done; they are awful. Suchitra Pillai in the opening scenes is an unpleasant surprise, acting badly. Ayub Khan as Preity’s fianc

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