Food Orgasms and the Best Pizzas in Town

This appears in tomorrow’s MM. I have been tardy updating the blog. I regularly put my pieces on Friday evenings on my Facebook fan-page.
One third of the way into “Eat, Pray, Love”, Ms. Julia Roberts, playing the narcissistic Elizabeth Gilbert character, digs into a plate of spaghetti at a roadside cafe in Rome, giving herself completely to the food in front of her, in the process, ridding herself of all the food-guilt and other baggage that she had been carrying till then. If there is a genre called food porn, then this particular scene is its totem. The camera lingers lovingly over the spaghetti, while Ms. Roberts spoons it slowly into her mouth, her face a picture of rapt ecstasy.
Clearly, there are multiple ways to have orgasms!
Last Saturday I was doing a drunch with old college friends at the Indigo Deli at the Palladium. While I have always had mixed feelings about the Indigo in Colaba, especially with respect to the consistency of its vegetarian food, the Deli is a different animal. My friends told me later that I had phased out twice.
The first time was as soon as I bit into my pizza. The Deli pizza is the thinnest that I have ever eaten. And the buffalo mozzarella

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