Stupid or Smart! It’s All a Matter of Perspective!

Last week, during the Easter weekend, with access to our favorite garden cut-off, my wife and I landed up at Five Gardens for a walk. Usually a quiet and popular place in the evenings, the area last week was a complete disaster. The heavy traffic on the central roads not only raised the decibel levels sky-high, the constant flow of cars also made it difficult and dangerous to cross from one garden to another. And with some parts dug up, it was virtually impossible to walk along the entire outer Circle.
That’s not even really the point of this story!
Adenwalla Road connects King’s Circle to Five Gardens. For some time now, it has been dug up in such a way that you cannot use this road to go directly from King’s Circle to Five Gardens. If you come in from Five Gardens, the road ends after 150 meters or so and you either have to stop and park, if you live there, or you have to turn around and go back.
At the Five Gardens end, there is a big aluminum sheet barrier, just where the left turn into Adenwalla road starts, which sports a prominent sign saying “No Entry”. Then 10 meters ahead, where Adenwalla road crosses the outer Circle, there is another similar barrier with a “No Entry” sign.
You would think this would be enough for most people.
That day, after I found the outer Circle painful, I realized that I could walk and even run on the newly laid, 150-meter stretch of concrete on Adenwalla road. With my new running playlist on my new IPhone, I started walking and running back and forth on this road.
That’s when I noticed the really smart, stupid people. Every 3-4 minutes, a car would turn into Adenwalla road from Five Gardens. Seeing this car, invariably, a couple more would follow, I guess assuming that the first car was being driven by someone who knew something that they didn’t.
A quarter of those who came through were people living on Adenwalla road, returning home. But the rest of the cars were driven by extra-smart people, confident perhaps that they would find at least some way of getting through to King’s Circle, despite all those “No Entry” signs. So they would drive those 150 meters and suddenly hit a dead-end, then they would roll down their windows and ask the boys who were playing cricket how to get across, and on finding that even their smartness wouldn’t be able to help them do that, they would then make a U-turn and drive back the way they had come, having wasted a good 5-10 minutes of their time proving their stupidity.
Every 3-4 minutes, one car!
Trying to be smart, by assuming that everyone else following the rules was stupid!
These are the same people who drink and drive! Who drive without seatbelts! Who drive on a one-way road from the “No Entry” side! Who drive with a child on their lap on the front-seat! Who drive while talking on cell-phones! Who ignore central dividers and obstruct traffic from the opposite side when there is a traffic-jam! Who break signals whenever there is no policeman around!
These are the same people who think that everyone who follows rules and pays attention to signboards is stupid.
The funny thing is that they wallow so much in their presumed smartness, that they cannot even recognize who the truly “stupid” people actually are!

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