Don Bosco, Matunga

I had gone to school last year, on an invitation from one of the teachers. It was an Annual Day function and the school had put up “Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamboat”, an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. It was an amazing performance and it was easy to forget that the average age of the actors was around 10 years and that this was an all-boys school. The boys who played the mothers, sisters and other female characters and especially the one who played the belly dancer, were all amazing. It took me back to the time when I was part of the chorus in Oedipus Rex and all the characters, including Oedipus’ mother and fiancee, were played by us. No one would ever have been able to tell the absence of girls in the cast. And if you think that playing female roles leaves lasting scars on the psyche of the actors, forget it!
This incident got me thinking.
Which is the best school in Mumbai?
I accept the fact that for most people, the schools they went to, are usually the best. Looking back nostalgically through rose-tinted glasses and seeing the teachers, classrooms and fellow students through sepia-tinted memories, generally clouds out all the imperfections and drawbacks that the schools might have had. We think back longingly of supposedly carefree days, forgetting the weight of the schoolbags on our backs and land up thinking fondly of our friends and colleagues, though many of them were, and probably still are, perfect assholes.
Thinking about schooldays makes the best people mushy, forgetful and stupid.
So please go through this rationally!
Which is the only school in Mumbai that
– apart from doing well academically, consistently outperforms other schools in hockey, football and basketball!
– has the largest grounds of any school in Mumbai and has its own hockey, football and cricket pitches, basketball, volleyball and tennis courts, billiards, table-tennis, carrom and badminton facilities!
– actively trains you in elocution, debate and public speaking!
– produces musicals year after year with lavish production values and performances that could actually be taken downtown to the theatres!
– consistently produces over-achievers!
When I sit and rationally talk about these things, people who have studied in other schools get completely carried away and start calling me “dabba batli” or “buggered boy-school product” and eventually the argument degenerates into more name-calling. The women, especially if they have studied in the neighboring girl schools of Auxilium Convent or J B Vachha or have been to Khalsa College, which is across the road, also have choice expletives reserved for our supposed boorish behavior towards them.
Let me list the drawbacks of the school to put things in an even better perspective!
– it is an all-boys school!
– the students are overconfident and proud!
– the school has not produced any toppers in the SSC boards!
– the stress on studies is less than in other schools!
– there is an excessive Catholic environment!
Are “all-boys” school bad? Are co-ed schools better? I am not sure. The freedom, especially in the latter years of school, of not having to watch your step and words all the time because of the opposite sex, is probably worth the loss of not having the other sex around. And I think the same argument would work vis-


  • Mehul Khandhar wrote:

    Couldn’t agree more, they can run from Boscoiets as much as they want, eventaully most of the JB Ki Babies marry the good/honest etc etc etc Boscoiets anyway =)
    Your article brought back a lot of great memories from our school. Have been living overseas for quiet some time and reading your article surely makes the sweet sweet memories from younger years seem like they were just yesterday
    Good luck mate…

  • hey there,
    I was just thinking back and I’m quite sure I was actually in the play joseph and the multi coloured coat. Now i come to think of it, it was a very well co-ordinated event. The amount of pressure put on us, and the training we recieved in everything from acting to singing, was incredible. But having said that, it was a great experience.

  • hit this site by chance and it feels great to be back in matunga.
    thanks a lot for taking me down memory lane. it is the best school in bombay!!!
    Bosco Rocks!!
    Matunga Rocks!!!!
    have fun

  • after reading the article there is only thing which goes through my mind “east or west bosco is the best”

  • Bhushan Shah wrote:

    Bosco Bosco Bosco ………………. Don Bosco…!!1

  • swapnil rath wrote:

    the emotions i felt after reading that article cannot be expressed in words
    rally brought bac fond memories
    i remember the plays i had taken part in under the ladership of our principal FR. EDDIE, he should have been the prez of india.
    i wish i could keep in touch with my fellow boscoites from the 2000 batch, i am studing MBBS final yr & the only one from my batch.
    definitey, BOSCOS IS the reason for me being what i am today

  • Great article. Proud to be a Boscoite circa 1963! Played hockey and football my last four years and enjoyed every minute and every winning season. Still take the time to visit the grounds every time I visit India. Bosco’s forever!

  • Bhavin Jankharia wrote:

    Simon. Bosco is still a leader in football and hockey.

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