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Dying in Mumbai – Being There!

I have been accused of being extremely insular, thinking only of myself first and then of others, during times of stress and conflict, including when someone dies. While a feeling of sadness is universal, the next set of reactions is typically…Should I call? Or will an SMS be good enough? Do I need to drop […]

Dying in Mumbai – Grace and Support

A death sets into motion a whirlpool that sucks everyone around into it. It helps postpone grieving for those who take up the immediate post-death responsibilities, and this often helps the others grieve in peace. It starts immediately. And while last week I wrote about how it might be better to die at home, post-death […]

Dying in Mumbai – The Care-Givers’ Hell

Dying in Mumbai This is a four-part series exploring death and dying in Mumbai   The Care-Givers’ Hell! People die all the time. While sudden deaths leave havoc in their wake, at the least, they are quick and “good” deaths. Many people though, linger at the edge of death. Ill and diseased with multi-organ complications, […]