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All of this in a way started in 1999 with a “writing” site, that I maintained anonymously on my own…everything from writing the code to the content. It was a “blog”, when blogging software hadn’t yet been invented. And, while the word “blog” was coined in 1997, it was only around 2001 that “blogging” […]

The Graveyard of Unwritten Columns

People constantly ask me how I have managed to churn out a column each week without fail for the last 5 years, irrespective of where I am in the world, on diverse subjects that often have no common thread. As many of you have remarked, this column has been a little eclectic and idiosyncratic perhaps […]

Whose Women’s Day is it Anyway!

Last Saturday was “Women’s Day” and you couldn’t miss it on WA. There was a surge of women-men jokes and posts, some saccharine sweet, extolling the virtues of mothers, wives, daughters, etc., others taking pot shots at all those men who fail to recognize how fortunate they are to have women in their lives. This […]

The Voting Dilemma

Finally the dates are out. On 24th April, all of us in Mumbai should be taking time off and visiting the polling booths to cast our votes. I have written earlier about our “right to not-vote”, but given the NOTA (none of the above) option, it makes sense, to at the least, visit the polling […]

The Value of Credibility in a Conflicted World

The most accurate of scientific facts, the best done research in the world and the most legitimate of movements can be instantly discredited if the people involved are seen to have conflicts of interest and credibility issues. A couple of years ago, STS called me for advice. People in his building and neighborhood led by […]