Monthly Archives: December 2013

The Best and The Worst of 2013

In the style of someone who continues to be an inspiration! Like, two weeks ago, I thought the AAP and Mr. Kejriwal had the potential to usher in a nationwide revolution. But with Mr. Kejriwal having accepted the position of Delhi Chief Minister, I think the national momentum is pretty much done, at least in […]

Man Gifts

Two days ago, a friend, a compulsive gifter, was lamenting the lack of options when it comes to buying gifts for men, whether husbands, relatives or just other male friends. Which is just so untrue! Considering that the Year-end is a good time to receive and give gifts, here is a list of stuff we […]

The Third Alternative

For the last year or so, since Anna Hazare’s first fast and Mr. Narendra Modi’s ascendance to the national platform, virtually all conversations during parties and social gatherings have eventually gravitated to the 2014 elections. No one, I repeat, no one I know has anything kind to say about the Congress or will vote for […]

How the Bullet Raja Team Ruined a Perfect Chicago Evening

I like to see films when I travel and have fond memories of different theatre and film experiences. For example, in Berlin, before one of the Mission Impossible films, the ads lasted for around 45 minutes, watched patiently by a full house, followed by an interval and then the main film. Over the years though, […]