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The Mid-Life Crisis of Entitled Powerful Men

This tribe of Entitled Powerful Men (EPM) is quite visible. People who have “made it”…CEOs, promoters, scions of old business houses and those who are part of the upper echelons of various organizations…always in front, never looking back! The best way to identify them is by the way they travel…always business and first class, to […]


I remember in the late 90s touching down in Delhi to find the passenger in front of me removing a local Delhi SIM from a SIM case (yes, they used to make these) and exchanging it for his Mumbai SIM. Business travellers in those days had a SIM for each circle or city they travelled […]

The Gifting Dilemma

Two weeks ago, SM invited me to his 50th birthday party. I was happy to accept. I then received a second text explicitly telling me not to get any gifts. We had an SMS exchange where I tried to convince him of the virtues of accepting and giving gifts…he didn’t change his stance, though I […]

Random Saurashtra Notes

We spent the Diwali week traveling through Jamnagar, Dwarka, Porbandar and Gondal, finally stopping at a resort near Rajkot. We are natives of Kathiawar and Saurashtra and the trip was part family-visit and part tour. Saurashtra and Kathiawar have their own pace and rhythm and way of doing things. My observations in no particular order! […]

“Main Hoon Kaun?”

“Main Hoon Kaun!” This question has been haunting me for the last two weeks, giving me sleepless nights, while I grapple with the eternal existential question of my identity and existence. (This piece has to be read along with the article titled “The Good Men of India” written by Ms. Lavanya Sankaran in The New […]

Who Reads Anymore

Last week, Ms. Lavanya Sankaran in an infamous article in the New York Times titled “The Good Men of India” created ripples by dividing Indian men into two categories; either feral and rapists or “common Indian”, as in “gharelu” and domesticated. The badly written piece did more to make her known than her two previous […]