Monthly Archives: October 2013

6.0 cr. The New Value of a Life and the Cost of Poor Communication

The Supreme Court day before yesterday, in a medical negligence case, awarded about Rs. 6 crores to the plaintiff, the highest ever in Indian medico-legal history. Eerily, it was just last week that I wrote about the “shidori” lecture I had given to the new 1st MBBS batch in GS Medical where I spoke about […]


S called late Thursday afternoon to tell me that M had just flown in from D and she and M both thought it would be a good idea to catch up sans spouses. It had been a long time and we hadn’t even had any drunches and I was really, really tempted. But I was […]

The WhatsApp Flood of “JFs”

Each time I write a piece about my trials managing some particular technology, the Luddites get back saying that the solution is so simple…don’t use it…or walk away. I wish it were that simple. It’s weird. Everyone has his/her individual preferences. Someone is comfortable only with calls, another incessantly texts, a third uses WhatsApp and […]

The No-Show

Some time back, the parents of an 8-years old Indian-origin boy from Dubai came to me to get a bone tumor in the left hip treated. A tentative date was fixed for the surgery after a detailed con-call with the parents who had returned to Dubai. My coordinator, S, took over and he was in […]