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Running does not damage knees

I have been crying myself hoarse over the last few years that running does not damage knees anymore than any other regular activity and that there is no real data supporting this.  Here is an article that helps reinforce this.


I ran in Vijayawada on Sunday, Sept 22nd. I started at around 5.50 AM and finished a 10K around an hour and 12 minutes later. This wasn’t bad considering the timings of my previous recent, post-athai runs. I had planned the run around sunrise, which was to be at 5.45 AM. I was staying at […]

The Time-Suckers of Our World

And so it’s back. Racier and snappier but with a map and music that are copied from Game of Thrones (GOT), without of course GOT’s decapitations and nudity. Mahabharata (MahaB) is still so fascinating. Forty years after I first read the Amar Chitra Kathas and then the books and subsequently went through the great Indian […]

Whose Service Charge is it Anyway!

I remember many years ago, hospitals used to levy a 10-15% surcharge on the total bill. There was no rationale and the explanation used to be that it covered ancillary costs that could not be separately categorized. Enough people complained, and the surcharge was removed. Restaurants have now gotten into the fray and started levying […]

To Get a Smile from the Airline Staff and Other Random Travel Thoughts

It’s not as if airline staffers do not smile and greet travellers. Most of the times though, the smile does not reach the eyes and is a mechanical chant, a standard “customer-friendly” operating procedure. There is one act however from our side that is guaranteed to bring forth a genuine “thank you” from one group […]

How Does One Really Ever Know!

I consider myself reasonably savvy when it comes to managing money and have a diversified portfolio that cuts across virtually all kinds of financial instruments, ranging from equity to debt to NPS, managed predominantly by me, with some help from a wealth-management firm. The only avenue I avoid is real estate, because of its ill […]