Monthly Archives: July 2013

Free Will Deception and Flooding

Last Friday, I was dining with friends at Khan Market in Delhi, when the talk turned to “free will”. Many eons ago, I used to be cock-sure that all my decisions were mine and mine alone, because of my “free will”. I now know there is no such thing…all decisions we make are in the […]

The High

The most complaints I get about this column are when I write about running. Lekin, saal mein ek piece to banta hai! It can happen only in India. People celebrate the opening of dance bars, while kids are dying after a mid-day meal, as in the “ringa-ringa-roses” ditty. The rupee is in free fall, yet the Sensex is […]

No Turn-Backs Please

An important point that patients might like to remember is, “Don’t turn back and ask a question while leaving.” Here is how things can go badly wrong – a real-life incident narrated by a colleague as a letter to a patient! You came to me for a consultation. We went through all your problems in […]

The Alternate Universe of the Bizarre and Insane

Bizarre things happen these days! Vincent Van Gogh was looking out the window of his Worli Sea Face apartment. The monsters were back, teasing and beckoning him from the turbulent waves crashing on those horrible tripods. He just had had a fight with Sharmila and he couldn’t understand why she was not able to pierce […]