Monthly Archives: June 2013

The Male Doctor and the Female Patient

Starting today, once a month or more frequently, I will also address the changing paradigms of the doctor-patient relationship. Last month, a family physician’s name was dragged into the spotlight when a female patient of his cried “rape” after a consultation, where he and she were alone in the consulting room for some time while […]

A Chill Pill A Day…

After last week’s satire on the many ways to lose weight, I received an email from a concerned individual. “Firstly, you are wrong to connect Jainism with weight loss. Jain terminology is not for losing weight, but rather to purify the soul by means of fasting. Hence it is inappropriate for you to spread the […]

A Sure-Fire Weight Loss Method

LOSE WEIGHT! 2 KG IN TWO WEEKS!!! NO DIET! NO EXERCISE!!! SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN!!!!! I have grabbed your attention haven’ I! But I do have a secret way of losing weight…all in due course. When I first became weight conscious, I was told it was a simple equation. Calorie intake less than calorie expense equals weight […]

Flyte’s Hard Crash-Landing

Music portability has come a long, long way! When I was in school, it was all about record players and the radio. Audiocassettes had just started becoming popular but to record onto cassettes was a pain…I remember placing a microphone in front of an HMV record player trying to capture songs. Later, with radio-cum-tape recorders, […]