Monthly Archives: May 2013

The Lost Drivers

Abdul is the first driver cum guide, whose name and face I can remember. In the 70s, when I was a kid, he took us daily in his Ambassador taxi, from the Fountain Hotel in Mahabaleshwar, to various sites and points in and around the hill-station. I even have a black and white photograph of […]

Sex, Lies, Bets and Videotapes…All About Greed

There is an interesting article published earlier this week in The New York Times, an op-ed piece by columnist David Brooks titled “What the Words Tell Us”, where he analyses the shift in the usage of words over the last century and tries to understand what this implies with respect to social behavior. He writes, […]

Telephone Angst

Greed! The fodder for our columns that connects idiot spot-fixing cricketers and gullible, Saradha-like pyramid scheme investors…I would rather focus on more relevant and important issues. The generational divide is never more apparent than when someone above the age of 65 wants to get in touch. This is how it goes. My cell rings. When […]

The One Doctor You Don’t Want!

At the outset, apologies to all doctors named “Michael Pinto”. I am not sure how embellished this story is, but I did hear it from the horse’s mouth. A doctor friend of mine told me about an 82-years old patient of his, who had suddenly become drowsy and had to be admitted to a local […]

Post-Credit Geeks…in Mumbai

Last Sunday, we watched Iron Man 3 at the Adlabs in Wadala. When the film ended and the credits started rolling, my wife got up. I held her down saying I wanted to catch the post-credit scene. She didn’t know what I was talking about, but waited anyway…and my excited son and I explained to […]