Monthly Archives: April 2013

When Similarities End…Starting With Cleanliness

The first thing that strikes you when you exit the airport is the bright sunshine without the humidity and the cool breeze without the cold. It feels a bit like Mumbai, but without the clamminess and the perspiration that make the summer months so painful as against the glorious sunshine in Beirut that makes you […]

Your Blessings for a Dinner Plate

A few weeks ago, much was made in the papers about a high-profile businessman who quietly stood in line at a wedding reception when he could easily have cut the line. Honestly, these stories are nothing but sops meant to con us into believing that the super-rich are still human. But that’s not the point! The […]

The Chimera of Old Hindi Songs

A few weeks ago, my wife and I went to our local club for an evening of old Hindi songs. It was a one-man show, the singer belting out old medleys and ghazals and also managing the keyboard and arrangements. People had a really good time as happens in all such programs that transport them […]

The Tale of Two Films…A Good “Bad” Original and its Bad “Bad” Remake

When non-Indians ask for masala Bollywood film choices, I tell them to start with Sholay, then try Amar Akbar Anthony or Yaadon ki Baarat and finally Himmatwala. 1983. We had just finished a brain-squeezing exam and 30 of us wanted to leave those brains behind and watch a “bad” Hindi film. Himmatwala playing at Badal/Bijlee […]