Monthly Archives: March 2013

The Delusion and Entitlement of Self-Important Tribes

This happens often! Journalists rarely carry articles against fellow journalists even though they constantly bitch about each other “off-the-record”. It is rare for a doctor to testify against his colleague in court, though in private he will massacre his reputation. Despite infighting, tribes or guilds tend to take care of their own, often insulated from […]

Coping with Tragedy

On Wednesday, all the front pages carried a story of the murder-suicide of a family of four at Bhakti Park in Wadala. Apparently, there was a dispute regarding the apartment, and the debt-ridden father killed his wife, his two sons and then himsel When I came home that evening, my children pulled me into their […]

Indian Coffee in Wien

Last week, in Vienna (Wien), while running in the first District, past the City hall and along the Danube in a loop around Stephenplatz and Schwedenplatz, I saw a shop called Coffee Day on University Road. I did not make much of it initially, but when I passed it a second time, I paused mid-stride, […]

Lost in the Mist of Time

Google Maps has changed the way we look at our surroundings. This struck me a few months ago, when I was in Bhubaneshwar. I was tracking the route to the hotel on Maps and happened to mention to my hosts how wide and clean Bidyut Marg was. They looked at me puzzled. I showed them […]

The Final Deletes

Yesterday’s papers were pretty much full of just one thing…the budget. I completely fail to understand the point of this yearly tamasha. But the whole “event” does provide gainful employment to everyone from the finance minister to the financial analysts…so I guess the entertainment value is worth the effort! Last Sunday, 4 minutes before I […]