Monthly Archives: January 2013

The Wrong Ways

I have just come back from a wonderful 3 days in Ahmedabad after attending a cousin’s wedding with my huge extended family from around the world…a typical big, reasonably fat Indian wedding with multiple sub-plots and threads. In the end though, such weddings are all about the ability to spend time with family without interruption…with […]

When Fear and Respect for the Law Cease to Exist

For some time now I have been wondering aloud about the demonstrations that were held in Delhi and some other parts of the country. I understand candlelight walks expressing solidarity and regret, but I am unable to fully comprehend the reasons for the rest of the protests that targeted the Government. While I get the […]

Mumbai Marathon Reminiscences

This would have been my 5th continuous half-marathon. I am registered, have a bib, but can’t run…I have a commitment in another city that is even more important! If it was just another run (and there are so many of them these days), it wouldn’t have mattered…the Mumbai Marathon has now morphed into something bigger […]

The Smart-Phone License

Two days ago, I came across a post by Ms Janell Burley Hofmann in the Huffington Post regarding an iPhone she had gifted her 13-year old, on condition he would agree to a written contract of rules. All of us who are parents of tweens and teens should read this post and then share it […]