Monthly Archives: December 2012

Matunga…in 4 Hours

Finally, last Sunday, about 10 of us in a motley group, did a four hours Matunga precinct walk! The back-story! I did a piece in this column in late October on the history of Matunga and what a possible heritage walk might include. Jehangir challenged me to arrange such a walk and we fixed 23 […]

Subliminal Influences

It is generally accepted that the influence of television and movie violence in adults is transient. Which is why, as young adults, we did not turn into Govinda-like boors after watching all those rubbish David Dhawan film But, there can be perceptible changes in behavior. Once after watching an episode of “The Big Bang Theory”, […]

Reverting Back!

“It would be a good idea to prepone the meeting. Please revert back to me as soon as possible”. Each time I see a mail like this, often many times a day, I cringe. And there is not a damn thing I can do about it! After having experimented with and used the Samsung Note […]

Spare the Rod…Or Go to Jail?

So many jokes! “Families are canceling their trips to Scandinavia…because they sometimes smack their kids on their bottoms and don’t want to get arrested.” So much indignation! “We Indians know to handle relationships at the highest level unlike Westerners who have no concept of family. How dare the Norwegians teach us how to raise our […]