Monthly Archives: October 2012

Matunga Convergences, Coincidences and Walks

Multiple incidents this week have almost made me start believing in divine intervention and coincidences (I believe in neither!) and made me write this piece rather than the one on Starbucks and Horniman Circle that I had planned earlier. After checking out Starbucks last Saturday morning (bad caramel machiato, bad service, great decor), I met […]

Dog Spas, Tattoo Shops…What Next!

King’s Circle has more than 5 salons…but no spa. You can get shampoos and haircuts and manicures and pedicures, but no ‘spa experience”. And since we are a “middle-class” locality, we don’t even have one of those “ladies” parlors in one of the “quiet” streets. And yet…your dogs and cats…can get a spa experience…in Matunga! […]

End of Life Directives – The Debate Continues

I know, I know. In this week of holy cows coming down to earth and aging actresses shaking their chubby navels, it seems boring to get back to dying-related problems. I try not to do follow-ups, but last week’s article raised quite some hackles. Many on the other side of 60 and 70 wrote in […]

End of Life Directives

An uncle has categorically told us in writing that if he becomes unconscious, he is not to be resuscitated. This “do not resuscitate (DNR)” guidance is an example of an end-of-life (EOL) directive. If my uncle were to really become comatose, I would still make sure he gets to an ICU and until the exact […]