Monthly Archives: September 2012

Giving Up…Losing Hope?

There are two intertwined threads. Last week, I was crossing the Sir Hurkisondas Hospital junction in Girgaum. As usual, two-wheeler riders (TWRs) were behaving as if signals don’t exist. There were two non-traffic policemen sitting on a bench outside J J & Sons and I asked them to do something about this. I expected them […]

A Pillar of Matunga…Lost Forever

During the early “Matunga” days of this column, I used to discuss the “Four Pillars of Matunga”. For South Indians, these were/are Giri Stores, Mysore Concerns, Nalli Silk Stores and Anand Bhuvan. For Gujjus and Kutchhis, these were/are, Garnish/Classic, Anand Bhuvan/Udipi/Madras Cafe, Chheda Stores and Pramanik/Milap. Matunga is still a hotch-potch of cultures, though the […]

It Never Gets Easier!

I still remember the animated discussion Atul and I had had on our way home from Sion one evening, in late 1983. I had just entered II/I and seen my first death during my first emergency the previous night – a patient with Guillain-Barre syndrome had died in the wards simply because a ventilator was […]

Just 30 Minutes A Day

Every few months, I keep coming back to this. As our bodies age, our joints creak, our waistlines bulge and our skins sag, we need to do something to control this inevitable degeneration, both to keep ourselves mobile and agile as well as to remain healthy now and in the future. Earlier this week, Ms. […]