Monthly Archives: July 2012

Sun Signs for the 40ers

This is for those in their 40s. A good age to be, at times depressing, but great fun. Aries: Today, you will forget a friend’s name. You will remember her profession, where she lives, her husband’s name and where her children study. You will remember that you had remembered her name just ten minutes ago, […]

The New Running Bibles

Death, the big news this week, can come in many forms, but the one that caps a life of sloth is unnecessary and preventable. Current data suggests that more than 1/3rd of the world’s population has taken up voluntary physical inactivity…the social consequences of this “couch potato” syndrome are and will be far-reaching; and more […]

Under the (Fly)Over

If you actually remember the lovely restaurant at Kemp’s Corner, which was the precursor to all things Indigo…man, you are old! And no this article is not about that at all! It’s amazing how things can sometimes turn a full circle! A few weeks ago, in response to one of my articles on the deterioration […]

The Hand of Father Gatti

Last week, during a conversation with a senior colleague, I remembered Father Gatti, our vice-principal in the primary section in the 70s. Father Gatti was a huge man or at least in those days, seemed huge to us rat-like kids. He also had a big, fleshy hand with thick fingers, whose marks on our visages […]