Monthly Archives: June 2012

Show Business Activism

You are dreaming! You are a 40-something successful superstar, struck with middle-age angst, aching to do something different and socially relevant. You flirt with the likes of the Narmada project and Anna Hazare but they turn out to be too controversial. Then you realize that it’s best to do something within the context of your […]

Greys and Greys

I started this piece as a tirade against two-wheeler riders who, over and above their flagrant disregard for all possible traffic rules, have started a new trend on divider-less roads, riding along the right side of their roads and cars, into the oncoming traffic, forcing these head-on vehicles to move further left – one day […]

Getting Picked Up

To understand this piece, you need to be clued into what is happening these days in Mumbai. In case you are unaware, please read these 3 newspaper reports online from India Today, NDTV and Mumbai Mirror. Last Thursday, needing to unwind after a busy day, I went to Upper Parel, to the new buzzing Mahavir […]

“ID Ten T” Mistakes and Errors

Five of us (my twins, another couple and I) went cycling five Sundays back on the Port Trust road. We loaded the bikes into the trunks of our cars and drove till the Cotton Green junction, where we parked our cars and then headed down to the BPT road on our cycles. We gathered at […]

Please, Please Be on Time! (Indian Invaders and Other Random Travel Thoughts)

It’s interesting how when you are vacationing outside India, current issues like the petrol price hike, the Bharat Bandh and Mr. Aamir Khan’s one-sided tirade on doctors and healthcare seem so distant…and from the perspective of this column, irrelevant. And when for 48 hours (the longest in recent memory), we were without Internet access and […]